True Blood Fan Video: Making Your Own TruBlood

May 29, 2009 by  

A True Blood fan has create a YouTube video showing fans how to make their own TruBlood drink.  This is a fun video made Zevchan that is perfect to try out on weekends if you wish.  Enjoy!

  • Danielle

    Any idea how to make True-Blood without using alchohol? I know kinda a silly question but I’m not someone who really does.

    • FlowerBite

      I’ve made it before without the vodka and it still tastes great. Just replace the Vodka with more energy drink ^_^

      • Danielle

        more of the vamp gotcha

  • FlowerBite

    I don’t have one up yet, I’m sorry! you can email me at flowerbitedesigns AT yahoo DOT com and I will send you the zip file! ^_^

  • Socaldeeva

    What’s her website? You should have included that so we can go there and download the labels and guide!! 🙂