True Blood Fans Seek Fictional Bon Temps

February 22, 2010 by  

Louisiana‘s fictional backwater town of Bon Temps is maybe a few hours drive from New Orleans in Charlaine Harrisvampire-filled world.

In the real world, fans have looked to Shreveport and Monroe for a taste of the rural northern Louisiana scenery found on True Blood, according to a Houston Chronicle travel article.

Shreveport, home to fictional vampire bar Fangtasia, is a bona fide Louisiana town, complete with its own tourist bureau. Brandy Evans, a bureau spokeswoman, recounts in the article the numerous inquires made after the fang-banger hot spot.

“Everybody wants to know about the True Blood bar. We don’t have a vampire bar, but we do have lots of other bars.”

The True Blood crew shot on location in Clinton, La., during Season 2, and has also filmed in Baton Rouge.

State tourism spokeswoman Judy Williams said Louisiana‘s lore lends itself to fang-tasy worlds.

“I think Louisiana has always been associated with things that are mysterious and out of the norm, and that is what makes the state so much fun and interesting and unique.”

However there is a way to “visit” Bon Temps by checking out the “Welcome To Bon Temps” website.  It provides a detailed “map” on how to get there, what you can do and see once there and detailed information on Louisiana culture.  It even profiles some of the town’s better know residents such as Sookie Stackhouse, Sam Merlotte and vampire Bill Compton.

Source: Houston Chronicle

(Photo credit: HBO Inc.)