True Blood Fans Can Get a Transfusion

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Opera Can Satisfy the Lust for Blood

Bill Compton holding Lorena Krasiki right before Sookie Stackhouse ends her existence on True Blood.It is going to be a long wait for fans of HBO’s True BloodSeason 4 will not start until next summer and while we do have dvds we can watch, there might be a need for something else.

Bluebeard’s Castle may not be about vampires, but Duke Bluebeard certainly has a way with the ladies and his newest wife is not an exception. Do you want to find out how Judith reacted when he showed her his torture chamber?  Eric Northman might get a few suggestions from this one for his dungeon under Fangtasia.

Lucrezia Borgia:  She is an  Italian noblewoman who has already killed before the opera starts, and she just might be as insane as Lorena Krasiki. During the opera Lucrezia kills an entire ballroom full of guests with her poison, and one of the targets was her own son.

Dialogues of the Carmelites: Set during the French Revolution at a nunnery, this two-act opera is based on historical events that took place at a monestary of Carmelite.  The sounds of guillotines can be heard over singing nuns.

Lulu: Where else could you find suicide, lesbians, murder, blackmail and Jack the Ripper?  I think it is safe to say that while Lulu might resemble the confused Sookie Stackhouse, the comparison stops there.

Tosca: Torture, murder and suicde are the words of the day in the opera set in 1800 Rome. Though we would never want this to happen to Andy Bellefluer, the murder of the police chief is just one of the highlights of the performance filled with sex and violence.

People who are not opera fans may not have realized just how dramatic, scary, and bloody it can be.  Now is your chance to explore this realm and possibly find a way to pass those cold empty Sunday nights until we are once again graced with new episodes of our favorite show.

SOURCE: — 5 Operas That Are Truly Bloodier Than ‘True Blood’

(Image Credit: HBO Inc.)