True Blood Fans Watch and Wait

February 26, 2010 by  

So many questions were left unanswered after the season finale, and the tidbits of news that we hear from the cast and crew keep the fans on the edge. What happened to Bill? How far is the love triangle going to develop with Sookie, Eric, and Bill? Will Hoyt and Jessica mend their relationship? Is this new boyfriend of Lafayette’s the real deal or is there a hidden agenda behind him? Is Tara going to cope with Egg’s death in a healthy way? Maybe find a new love? Eric is supposed to have a new lover, a new dancer at Fangtasia. So much has been said that the fans can’t wait for the third season, and this is what some of them are saying:

“After I finished watching the 2nd season I thought to myself, “How can they move on from this? It was such a great season.” After reading this I am so excited. I would love to be a writer on this show.”- Becca –

“Wow, fantastic teaser. I’m sure, like all of the shows fans, we are very anxious about the return of “True Blood“. I have been watching some of the repeats of season one on HBO, and they’ve made me realize how much more evolved season 2 is, (though I loved and still love season 1!). Wow, Alfre Woodard will be a fantastic addition as Lafayette’s mother! Sounds fantastic. Cannot wait but will have to, I guess!” – Marcia –

“Wow! She is stunning! I thought this Yvette character was only a rumor but I guess its confirmed now. I hope she’ll only be his lover for a little while. I’m all about Eric and Sookie getting together!! YAY!”- Amy –

“My theory is that Eric has him [Bill] or at least another vampire does, if you remember earlier in episode 12 or even episode 11. Eric was in talks with the Queen who has instructed Eric to take care of Bill. At the end of E12 someone took Bill with a silver chain or net (curse my memory). Did any one notice that this person was wearing black leather gloves?”- Kassidy –

“I know that there are those who are skeptical at how well season 3 is going to work, with all the new characters and multiple story arcs that it looks like are going to be featured, but I have high hopes. I think the shows creators should have more idea of where they’re heading, and the regular cast are more settled in their characters. The shows success should mean a larger budget and the network allowing more risks. Plus, we’re getting weres this season! And more flashbacks!”- aphroditemf –

“I am actually pretty excited for season 3. I am looking forward to all of AB’s added extras.”- Eric Rocks –

“But I can’t wait to see Sookie and Eric interact. This is a crucial time for the threesome. I love Eric, his personality is just great. The other characters I will wait on commenting about. There are some good ones coming but I don’t want to ruin anything for those of you who haven’t read the books.”- jen s. –

As you can see we all are excited for a bit more of, “True Blood“.  June isn’t just coming fast enough for us.  At least we’ve got the May release of the second season on DVD to tied us over, as well as our copies of the first season.

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Jennifer Mack