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What do Neiman Marcus and Goodwill have in common? They’re what costume designer Audrey Fisher looks to when dressing True Blood’s cast. Vamps, weres, and Sookie (whatever she is) all have a very specific style, but they all need one thing to complete their outfits: footwear.

Audrey hunts for the perfect footwear to compliment the outfit, especially when it comes to the vampire ladies of the show. Both the Queen and Pam have impeccable taste when it comes to what goes on their feet. Audrey admits:

“I became so obsessed with getting Pam the perfect hot shoe for her [ladylike] and vampy costumes that they started putting her fabulous footwear into the script, and her shoes started getting cameos.”

Neiman Marcus and Goodwill are not the only places Audrey hunts for her extraordinary fashion vision; she also looks to Giuseppe Zanotti, Aldo, Bebe, Steve Madden, Pour La Victoire, Jeffrey Campbell, John Varvatos, and Target.

For Audrey, vampire Queen Sophie-Anne takes the best dressed list on the show. Her 1940 dominatrix style is unique and calls for sky high heels, which Evan Rachel Wood (who plays the Queen) happily wears. Last season while wearing a white Norma Kamali swimsuit,  the Queen sported an elegant pair of DSquared heels. This season Audrey put the Queen in even higher Bebe wooden platforms.

Thing is, the vampires on True Blood aren’t very neat and tidy. They tend to get blood everywhere. Keeping this in mind, Audrey has to make sure she can snag multiples of the shoes she picks out, so they have back ups ready. She also has to make sure to add rubber to the bottom of every shoe so the actors have good traction on such bloody sets.

The most memorable footwear style for Audrey has to go to Lorena last season. Audrey notes,

“An incredible pair of Giuseppe Zanotti bejeweled mules with a sexy, skinny wooden stacked heel. Lorena (Mariana Klaveno) wore [those] last season [when] she stomped on vampire Bill. Her wooden heel was like a mini-stake! That was really the only time I could buy such an expensive shoe, but it was a shoe and a weapon, so I had two budgets working in my favor.”

Shoes can make or break an outfit. Thank goodness that Audrey works hard to make sure that everyone on True Blood can look stylish while staking vampires, selling V, or chasing weres.


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  • Tracy

    I do love the way Pam and Queeny are dressed but Lorena had some fantastic looks this season! If only I was a size 6 and had that wardrobe… Audrey does a great job!