True Blood Figures Featured at New York Toy Fair

February 17, 2010 by  

DC Direct showcased many new figures while at the New York Toy Fair, including a new True Blood Bar sign that appears to be set to release in November of 2010 (according to, and is not yet shown on the HBO True Blood online store. Additionally, because it’s not in the HBO store yet, there is no price set available for the True Blood Bar sign, unlike the rest of the figures already announced, like the Bill Compton figure ($69.99), the Eric Northman figure ($69.99), the Sookie Stackhouse figure ($69.99), the Merlotte’s sign ($89.99), and the Fangtasia sign ($89.99).

Again, as cool as the True Blood Bar sign is, since HBO does not yet have the figure in it’s online store (all the other figures are in the store and are set to be released in July 2010), we are not sure when it will be released, but hopefully it will be soon.


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  • julie

    i only wished they were made by Matel. i know i would probably buy each one if they were barbies and not figurines. i hope soon you will have those available.

  • Loleaf

    WOW!! WHY SO EXPENSIVE!! Cute as hell but who can afford them…

    • Believe me, I know! I really want the Fangtasia bar sign, but there’s NO WAY I can afford that, especially while I’m saving up for Comic-Con again!

      • Loleaf

        Boy Oh Boy, I wish I could go there right along with ya!!! It’s just not in the stars right now… LOL.. Just make sure that you take “PLENTY” of pic’s for all of us, and bring us back “LOTS” if info. Tell em they have tons of fans that support them….