True Blood Filming In Louisiana

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true_blood_cast_louisianaThe cast and crew of Alan Ball’s hit HBO TV vampire series True Blood have taken over the town of Clinton, Louisiana and have turned it upside down.  Well, all in the name of filming the 10th episode which will broadcast later on in the season.  As states in their latest report, the town of Clinton was transformed into the fictional town of Bon Temps, which by the looks of the set, appeared as if a tornado had set down.  Trash lined the streets, panties hung from the statues and graffiti stained the walls of downtown Clinton on Friday afternoon. Whatever Alan Ball has in store for True Blood it will definitely satisfy the fans.

Executive producer, Gregg Feinberg, states that they hope to return to Clinton if the show is picked up for a third season and because Clinton has what they were looking for to creat e Bon Temps.

“We were looking for a town that had a nice, small town feel like our town of Bon Temps is supposed to have,” Fienberg said.

true_blood_louisiana_annaAnna Paquin, Ryan Kwanten, Nelsan Ellis were all in Clinton on Friday and expressed to the local media the need to be in Louisiana.

“The whole atmosphere is suited for what we do, and the sound stage isn’t,” Ellis said.  Ellis said he likes talking to locals — listening to their accents and trying to absorb their “Louisiana swagger.”

When Anna Paquin was asked about her role as Sookie Stackhouse, Anna responded:

“She gets to do everything,” Paquin said. “She’s in on the action, she’s in the romance, she has … every kind of plot line you can imagine. I get to do everything — it’s so much fun.”

Locals both on and off the set have had the opportunity to brush shoulders with the cast and crew of True Blood.  Louisiana and Baton Rouge native and University alumnus, Wes Brown, appears in six episodes of the show this season, playing Jason’s church camp roommate.

true_blood_louisiana21Local business owner of Feliciana Delights, Caston Harrell, had the crew of True Blood shop at his establishment and chatted with them recently.  Although many of the crew members stated that they hated the heat, they loved his crawfish pasta and meat pies.  As Mr. Harrell states:

“I think they chose a great town,” Harrell said. “I think it’ll be great for the town. The town needs it.” “It’s pretty crazy,” Harrell said. “There’s been a lot of people here — a lot of good people. It’s great for business.”

As Mr. Harrell explained most of the buildings in Clinton date back to the Civil War (including his own shop which was in 1838) and that is part of the town’s charm.  The town has been able to maintain and treasure these beautiful and historical buildings that represents the old, Southern-style architecture of days gone by.

true_blood_louisiana41Even the Baton Rouge Mayor-President Kip Holden got into the spirit of things by stating:

“Hosting this very popular TV series has an extremely positive impact both economically and in positioning our region as a major film location.” “On behalf of the people of Baton Rouge, I think I can safely say we look forward to having ‘True Blood’ and its cast of vampires in our city for as long as they would like to live among us.”

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