True Blood Finale Party in Greensboro, NC

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True Blood Privat Screening Event Fans and Stars Gather in Greensboro, NC for the True Blood Finale

A red carpet in North Carolina? More than 1,100 True Blood fans gathered in Greensboro, NC for a finale showing of True Blood in a downtown Greensboro theater. They were treated to special appearances by cast members Kristin Bauer-van Straten (Pam), Kevin Alejandro (Jesus), Todd Lowe (Terry). The party, put on by Time Warner Cable and Greensboro’s Dick Broadcasting, was held in Greensboro because the show was number one in the ratings there this season. The Greensboro screening was the only special screening of the finale. Many of the cast members were excited to be there, and got to be part of being a “truebie“.

“I’m going to see it with everyone else for the first time, so it’s going to be quite something on a big screen too which we don’t normally see so it’s fun,” said Kristen Bauer.

The stars were introduced and did a question and answer before the showing. Many of the questions had to do with how they got their start with True Blood.; the actors kept the audience laughing and in high spirits.  Kristin Bauer-van Straten made lots of jokes, and Kevin Alejandro made the only comment about “those Twilight” movies. Fans dressed up as their favorite characters – some were waitresses from Merlotte’s, some recreated their favorite Pam look, and there was even a nod to Maryann.

Everyone definitely seemed to enjoy themselves at the season finale party. You can watch the video to see the famous lines of the season!

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