True Blood Gets High Praise

December 31, 2008 by  

trueblood30_thumbMatthew Gilbert from the Boston Globe reviews Alan Ball’s HBO TV series “True Blood” and looks at the dynamics on the show and interesting metaphors and analogies.  The article focuses on Bill and the difficulties he suffers not only for being different but because of the townpeople’s disapproval of his relationship with Sookie.  The show may be about vampires, shapeshifters and a telepathic waitress but it divulges deeper into the under belly of society and the misunderstanding and suspicion that people face and see in others in real life. The author of the article gives high praise to Stephen Moyer for his portrayal of Bill Compton for his ability to give so much depth to his character.  He states that the chemistry between Bill and Sookie is so compelling to watch that you feel for them and truly feel they belong together. To read this truly wonderful analysis of “True Blood’ please click the link below.

SOURCE:  Taking a moment to gush about “True Blood”

(Photo credit: HBO Inc.)