True Blood Giveaway – Win True Blood Merlotte’s Pint Glass- Round 3

June 21, 2009 by  

Ok True Blood Fans here is the new Round 3 contest giveaway! Looking forward to the second episode of True Blood Season Two airing tonight Sunday, June 21 at 9:00 PM Est. True Blood Net will sponsor several polls, contests and giveaways throughout Season 2. will be running several contests in the coming weeks where you can have a chance to win T-Shirts, Season 2 Posters, General True Blood Fan Gear, Sookie Stackhouse Box Sets, True Blood Season 1 Soundtrack and DVD Sets. The second round of giveaways start today Sunday, June 21.

Dont’ forget to follow us on Twitter @truebloodnet and Retweet the following “Re-tweet to win a Twitter Giveaway – Win a Free Sookie Stackhouse Dead Until Dark Book 1″  You will get a special link to register for the twitter giveaway for Dead Until Dark.

true-blood-merlotte-pint-glassContest Name: Round 3 – One True Blood Merlotte’s Pint Glass Giveaway

Deadline: June 28, 2009 11:59:59 EST

Prizes: One Merlotte’s Pint Glass

( sponsored giveaways are not affiliated with HBO.)

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  • was that a puss nodule or a nail in sookies back? is the new waitress friend or foe? and is the party lady a nymph or an egyptian goddess? i think the redhead is the hottest vamp of all and please let jason get it on with god lady already. it is just meant to be.
    thx mark marecek

    love this show to death- mmm

  • Alan Einhorn

    Of course, I’d like 2 get a good look at the Werewolf (I assume)who’s been stalking this season. Love 2 c a real MMA type knock down drag out between Bill and a group of werewolves; maybe w/Sam’s help in wolf or panther form (actually would like 2 c Sookies savior in panther form. Little fantasy of mine. What’s this w/pigs?). Am I enrolled in the contest now?