True Blood’s Good Times

July 4, 2010 by  

Hungry for a little Bon Temps?
Ravenous I should think, after such a long wait. I know I am. That is why I gorged myself before stopping by. When I’m hungry I eat. I dislike being told when to stop. I thought I’d have a nice little chat while I settle into my blood coma.

Ah, good times. We all seek them regardless of mode of dress, lifestyle or quantity of eyeliner. The definition may change but the quest is much the same whether in a darkened club, private velvet walled room or in front of a screen on a Sunday.

At the start of the season I’d say Eric and Yvetta were having the best bon temps until being sharply interrupted. That Pam. Have to love her irreverence (surely her version of bon temps). I am not likely to share my bon temps with just anyone but I have to admire the boldness.

And Sookie, Tara, Jessica and Sam – seemingly always thwarted from having a good time. I know one of the many reasons I keep watching is because I keep rooting for them to have one that lasts. Then again disappearing boyfriends, dead first loves and Jerry Springer-style relatives are enough to ruin anyone’s bon temps.

Corruption – that nasty human disease – seems to have translated to the undead.  This is so bluntly evident in the dealings of Sophie Anne Leclerq, the Queen of Louisiana and Russell Edgington, the King of Mississippi giving and taking good times at will (or at least at a price). I wonder if the vampire royalty need give speeches on holidays.

William, William, William Compton. *sigh* This last ‘act’ was indeed one of pure hatred. Though as one friend so eloquently put it – it was an act that leaves Sookie to enjoy Eric guilt-free.

And there really is nothing like a sizable, ripped viking enjoyed sans guilt.

So. How do you get your bon temps?

Photo credit: HBO