True Blood Hailed Among Best of 2009

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EW_062609annapaquinstephenmoyer-450x462While True Blood fans may be suffering through what feels like the longest hiatus in the world as they wait for summer 2010 and the premiere of Season three, the passion for the show is still going strong. As people look back on entertainment from the past year, the HBO vampire series that found tremendous success during its second season ranks among the best of 2009.

True Blood combines widespread appeal with critical acclaim. Just recently, a jury of scholars, filmmakers, and journalists selected it as one of the American Film Institute’s Top 10 TV Shows of 2009. Matt Roush from TV Guide was on the AFI panel and summed up what he loves about the show:

HBO feeds pop culture’s vampire craze with a delectably entertaining Southern gumbo of torrid supernatural shenanigans. “I didn’t have any say about being normal,” says telepathic Sookie, torn between the fang-tastic Bill and Eric, as a demonic creature (the always-surprising Michelle Forbes) turns all of Bon Temps into Orgy Central. What fun would normal be? This show will never know.

Millions of viewers became addicted to True Blood this year, and what’s not to love? Whether it’s the gorgeous and talented actors, or Alan Ball and the writers presenting stories that can be hilarious, scary, romantic, or emotional, this show has something for everyone. It has become the new star series for HBO, which hasn’t seen ratings like this since the days of The Sopranos and Sex and the City.

In end-of-the-year lists, you can find True Blood being recognized in categories like Hottest Kiss and Top Sex Scenes of the Year, to Best Villain. It was also voted Show of the Year at by 52%, followed by Glee with 30% and Mad Men with 17%.

We will have to wait until early January to find out how the show fared in the People’s Choice Awards, but the fact that it was nominated for Best TV Obsession is proof enough that True Blood was one of those things that grabbed people and has never let go.


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  • lizzie

    I love this show so much, that it hurts!!! It deserves lots of attention from all media and to be nominated for awards and receive them!

    Just knitpicking, but Sookie is not torn between Bill and Eric – not for seasons one and two! Hopefully not for the other seasons as well!

  • Nia

    Obsessed, obsessed, obsessed…….Oh did I mention that I am completely OBSESSED!!!!!! LOL.

    Was there ever any doubt that it would be in the top ten!
    I am so glad that True Blood is finally getting all the recognition it deserves. With so much more yet to come.

  • Loleaf

    It’s about time this talented cast is getting some recognition!! Finally the critics are finally seeing what we have known all along about this show and the phenomenal cast!

    I am soo glad they are back filming season 3, this is one day closer to our season premiere..If it weren’t for you Janie and all of the other authors of this site giving us our daily fix, we would be rocking ourselves crazy in a corner somewhere, mumbling incoherently to ourselves!!! LOL

    • Janie Logan

      Haha, I know exactly how you feel, Loleaf! Glad we at TBN can help you through this difficult time of waiting for Season 3! We’re in this together!!!

  • Antonio

    BTW I like that picture of them at the top of the page. Its a group shot of Sam,Ryan,Nelson,Rutina,Stephen and Anna. It was taken in Calabassas,CA…according to the article. They all seem to get along so nicely and have nothing but good things to say about working on the show and working with each other.

  • Antonio

    The wait isnt so bad. When I think of how long the wait was for fans of The Sopranos to see new episodes ~~~dvd sales in between seasons helped a lot,too. This is 1 of if not The best show on tv! The wait will be long but we have lots of show related memories,interviews,articles,video streams and fave moments to keep momentum going strong! I hadnt seen much of season 1 But I think that season 2 was good. There may have been some strange things going on but it was never boring! Mr. Ball certainly took us on a fun ride!! Who would have thought that The Sopranos would last as long as it did? Or Curb Your Enthusiasm? The writing is smart,fresh,hip and crisp. The acting is incredible and the storylines are mesmerizing!
    How many other shows on tv are there that can make you laugh,cry, be shocked,cringe and be turned on all within the space of 1 episode?
    TB has something for everyone i think!
    My fave parts of the show are:
    Bill & Sookie
    Bill & Eric Love to see them face off against each other
    Bill & Jessica These 2 are a Riot!!
    Eric,Pam & Chow
    Lafayette & Eric just too funny
    Eric Northman has to be the coolest vampire this side of the Missisippi river!
    I like the character of Sam and even Jason,too but the aforementioned are my favorite parts of the show!!
    This show has gained tremendous popularity among Both women and men! It just may go on to beat The Sopranos( that would be quite a feat) as the top rated show on HBO!
    I’m not surprised that its considered 1 of the best of 2009!
    Congrats to Alan,Stephen,Anna,Deborah Ann, Kristen,Alex,Ryan and Sam and the whole cast and crew!!

  • Val

    Top obsession-ya I’d say that about covers it!!