True Blood for the Holidays

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Gift giving for the supernaturally  inclined requires creativity and thinking outside of the proverbial box. Yet the main points of any quality gift remain: honour the individual’s taste and pay attention to the details; no one wants to get something in the wrong size and then endure the ill-mannered return lines or excessive mail-in return fees associated with an exchange (Eric Northman definitely shops in the Big & Tall department). Not everyone would light up like a Christmas tree at the site of a rattlesnake skull, but for the right person it could be the highlight of their holiday. I am sure that Russell Edgington would have loved a necklace made from his enemy’s fangs. Though it appears at the end of  True Blood season three that Sookie has had just about enough of anything supernatural and a pair of fairy wings would not go amiss.

Romantic gifts are especially enjoyable – some more common, like gifts of jewelry, can be made more intimate by the addition of an ornate vial of a lover’s blood (V anyone?), a custom ring of favourite stones (gold or platinum for the weres and vamps of course) or an engraving of a message only the recipient would understand (for the immortals: ‘Yours for eternity’ truly has a whole new meaning.  As Russell stated spending eternity together is the ultimate in commitment.).

There is something to be said for effort. What is worth having is worth working for after all. If one has amassed a fortune over a lifetime of nearly two centuries or more like Bill Compton the cost of securing an entire restaurant to propose to one’s intended should be no burden. However, if endless cash is not available creativity can take over where the funds leave off. Send a loved one on a treasure hunt of small but thoughtful treasures placed in well-conceived locations — each with a clue to the whereabouts of the next.  Alternatively, flex culinary muscle and create a meal tailored to the lover’s palate, served at home with candlelight and intimate ambiance (with or without a human heart on the menu).

Truly the possibilities are as endless and unique as the loved ones for whom they are put in motion. I know that I would love some HBO True Blood DVDs (and that Men of True Blood calendar) under my tree.
May you enjoy your holidays with a slice of something everlasting.

We’d love to know what thoughtful gift(s) you’ll be giving your special someone this holiday season. Please tell us about them in the comment section below!

Written By:  Earienne deGrey

Photo Credit: HBO

  • Kat

    Great stuff. I have to say I was lucky and scored some gorgeous jewelry. (Plus the Men of True Blood calendar – yes!)