True Blood Has Hot Vampires

December 28, 2009 by is featuring their “Hot For Vampires” list and of course our favorite vampires from Alan Ball‘s hit HBO TV series True Blood are included.  Fancast is presenting the hot vampires in a slideshow with the smoldering, handsome Bill Compton (Stephen Moyer) known as the gentleman vampire.  As Fancast states “Vampire Bill has won the heart of telepathic waitress Sookie Stackhouse, the sweetheart of Bon Temps (Anna Paquin)…for now.”  The other hot vampire that may be trying to start something with Sookie is the hot 1,000 year old viking vampire Eric Northman. As Fancast states, “Vampire Bill, he has some competition for Sookie‘s affections from Vampire Eric.” Which is going to be very interesting to see how it all play out in season 3.

The hot vampire list is not limited to the male vampires on True Blood but also includes our delectable, sharp-tongued Pam and the wicked Sophie-Anne, the Vampire Queen of Louisiana portrayed by Evan Rachel Wood.

Another best list for True Blood fans to boast about and to enjoy. You can enjoy Fancast‘s photo gallery of hot vampires by clicking here.


(Photo credit:  HBO Inc.)

  • Saucy Moffit

    Season 1 was sooo much better than Season 2. Bill was pretty much the main vampire in Season 1 and his protective instincts and love toward Sookie were what made that season so sexy. Stephen Moyer looked more like himself in that season than that awful dark, dark, messed up hair in Season 2. Sookie was more vulnerable and needed protecting. In Season 2, she was tougher than the whole state of Texas’s vampires. To me, she lost her vulnerability.
    I am not one of those that does not like Eric (even though I want to return to the Bill and Sookie LOVE story), but he is gigantic in height. Some adjustments should have been made to either make him look not as tall or the others taller.
    I hated the whole Mary Ann storyline, and I hated what happened to all of the other likeable characters. I REALLY HATED THAT WHOLE THING. I am glad she’s gone.
    Season 1 was fantastic,sexy, wonderful.
    Season 2 was better than nothing.
    Season 3: I am very hopeful.

    • lizzie

      Well said, Saucy! Lets hope for a sexy (Bill and Sookie) return to S3!!

  • Antonio

    This show Does have Hot Vampires! I’ve just streamed the scene from S2 after godric goes to meet the sun and its a dream sequence where Sookie goes to try and comfort Eric at the loss of his maker. This scene is Incredibly Hot!! Sookie takes Eric’s face in her hands and kisses him gently a couple of times…Whoa! Then Eric takes her in his embrace and gives her a smoldering kiss…Whoa!! Then he looks at her with desire in is eyes and opens his mouth to bear his fangs She then takes her fingers and traces his fangs with them then he bites her neck! Wow!! This Is Unbelievable!! It like ~~blows my mind~~ to coin a phrase from the ’60s. Eric and Sookie generate So much heat together! I wouldnt watch that scene Anywhere near a smoke detector it might set it off!!! LOL
    It will be quite interesting to see an attraction growing between Eric and Sookie! Its obvious that Eric feels Something for her…What that is Who knows? Perhaps its been So long since he felt love and desire for some1 that he no longer recognizes it. Eric and Sookie are Dynamite together Pure TNT …..POW!!!! I know that Bill may be her truwe love But there is definitely Something There with ERIC!!!!

  • Antonio

    True Blood has hot vampires yes They are Pam and Jessica maybe Sophie Ann! Sookie,Tara and Dawn Green arent bad either!!
    Neither Jason Nor Sam are vampires and I think that they deserve at least a mention here..LOL
    Of course, lets not forget Lafayette Reynolds here either
    Ok Ok Bill & Eric may be the hottest vamps on Tv Now
    There I’ve said it

  • lizzie

    I think Bill and Sookie will be together til the end. The others are just “fly by nighters’!

    • pbt

      I think perhaps she has not partaken of her one true love yet. 🙂

    • 1,000% with you! True Love is TRUE LOVE, and that’s Bill and Sookie! When I watch them together, I sometimes see Buttercup and Westley besides Sookie and Bill… LOL

      Not even death can stop True Love, and Bill and Sookie prove it! (Of course, it can be delayed, and that’s probably what’s coming up next for them, but they’ll be together in the end!

      • lizzie

        Well said Isis!

        Hail True Blood!

        Hail True Love!!

    • jaxx

      Just glad they fixed Bill’s hair and skin color. Thanks HBO!!

  • He looks SO…..GOOD….

  • jaxx

    I’m not surprised. Our vamps are the best, male and female. Now next year, we’ll win the category of best werewolves too. Just keeps getting better and better.

  • pbt

    Congratulations to all of our True Blood Hottie Vampires; Eric, Pam, Queen Sophie Anne and Bill. They are all deserving of our praise and admiration for a job well done. Who can resist any of these little “biters”? We would all gladly invite anyone of them into houses this evening if possible.

    Thanks Ollie for posting the article and the wonderful pic. There are more pics of our True Blood hotties, follow the link you will not be disappointed.

    Go True Blood!

  • Nia

    Congratulations to our handsome, sexy, HOT True BLood vampires.
    They are the best and they shine the brightest (not sparkle).
    May they live forever in our dreams and in our hearts!

  • Mony

    True Bloos has the hottest vampier i’ve ver seen in a vampire show or movie as well…..
    So doesn’t matter who likes who, they are hot hot hot….real vampires!!!!!
    can’t wait to see S3…Drama Drama and more Drama in perfect Ball’s Style….^^