True Blood is ‘Best in Show’

October 2, 2010 by  

True Blood Wins IAB MIXX Award

True Blood is an awesome show with a brilliant ad campaign behind it. Prior to the airing of the second season of the show, an ad campaign was launched called “Hacking Reality.” The campaign featured lots of real life companies and brands joining up with HBO to create ads that seemed real for vampire-safe items.

However, that’s not all there was to the campaign. There was also an “Inside-Edition type” show that aired weekly and covered all things that are related to vampires as well as viral videos from the American Vampire League (AVL) and the Fellowship of the Sun. There were even websites that were for vampires, including Bloodcopy (which was recreated for Season 3 by HBO).

The campaign could be found everywhere, including at Comic-Con International 2009, where oversized wall posters showed a special vampire-friendly Harley-Davidson motorcycle, a Geico ad for insurance for vampires, and many more.

The campaign obviously worked, as the season premiere for the second season of True Blood was the most viewed show on HBO On Demand, and there was an average of 12.6 million gross viewers for each episode of the season. Congratulations to HBO and True Blood for creating such a wonderful and completely unforgettable ad campaign!

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