True Blood: Is the “Real” Season 6 Major Death Still to Come?

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Will We See One More Death in the Finale?:

True Blood's Anna Paquin

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With the Season 6 Finale of True Blood less than a week away, there is the lingering possibility that the Season 6 major character death is still to come.  Fans watched with awe and sadness in Episode 6, when the lovable and tormented Terry Bellefleur(Todd Lowe) set the wheels in motion to put an end to his tortured life.  We knew almost immediately that Terry would be the “major” character death of Season 6. Episode 7 confirmed our feelings, and yet the death of Terry Bellefleur for some was a little anti-climatic.  Yes Terry has been in the series since the beginning, but Terry? The major character death?

I would like to propose another twist that the major character death is still to come in the Season 6 Finale which aires next Sunday August 18 on HBO. The major character death could in fact be none other than Bon Temps favourite telepath, Sookie Stackhouse(Anna Paquin).

What we know:

1) Sookie has promised to become Warlow(Rob Kazinsky’s) faerie vampire bride, this can only be achieved with the “death” of Sookie. Sookie reconfirmed her promise to Warlow in Episode 9.

2) Sookie does not want to die and be buried next to her parents for all of eternity.

3) Sookie’s “death” would not mean the end of her time on the show True Blood, it would mark the beginning of a very interesting storyline.

It has been said in an interview that the finale brings “game changer” status to True Blood. Having Sookie become a vampire would definitely be a game changer, since we have spent the past 5 seasons listening to her say that she would never turn into a vampire…

So Truebies what do you think? Will Sookie go through with the faerie vampire wedding, marking the “real” major character death of the season?

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  • loretta412

    im not happy with ch or tb sookie should make the up her owe mind not be forced and bill hes just way out there and what will become of eric will he still be around is he going to meet the sun like godric and if not to me he is the only one who could help her and her grandfather

  • pbt

    “If” Sookie dies it will not be by her choice, but will be the result of Benlow loosing his shit and turning her despite her unwillingness. I don’t think that is the game changer that they are talking about.

    The game changer is two fold. First, all the vampires who have drank Benlow’s blood will now be able to day walk, for prolonged periods of time until Bill can synethesize Benlow’s blood.

    Second, I still think there is yet another departure from the show and not Sookie.