True Blood’s Joe Manganiello Clears Up Stalker Reports

September 7, 2010 by  

As actors get recognized more and more, they get perks as True Blood’s very own Joe Manganiello (who plays werewolf Alcide Herveaux) has experienced. This season has given him the chance to work with real life wolves, has allowed him to meet his acting heroes, and has also been invited to the most exclusive parties.

The biggest perk Joe has received recently has been getting tickets to see the Jets play in Pittsburgh this coming December in order to cheer for the Steelers, his hometown team. As a former football and basketball star himself, to get a private tour of Heinz Field as well as seeing a game means that as an actor he’s made it.

Though Joe has been given some exciting moments since being part of the Season 3 cast of the HBO series, he’s also experienced some of the drawbacks of being a huge success. Paparazzi have become a daily routine in his life, but he has cleared up reports made earlier in the week about a stalker. He states,

“I want to make it clear — all I said was I had my car checked for tracking devices…”I didn’t say that I had one and I didn’t say that there was a stalker,” he continued. “Paparazzi kept popping up everywhere I was going for a while and it was starting to make me wonder how the hell these guys do what they do. I was at my car dealership and [they] said, ‘Hey, we can have it checked for tracking devices.’ I said, ‘Yeah, sure, go ahead.’ So that got blown up. It’s funny how sometimes you say, ‘I had my car checked for tracking devices,’ and all of a sudden I have a stalker and the police are involved… That’s not what I said.”

Now that things have been cleared up, Joe has planned a late summer vacation to Europe. He leaves with wonderful memories of his first Emmys experience. He notes,

“Patrick Stewart came and spoke to my freshman class at Carnegie Melon and so I saw him at this party and went up and started talking to him about it and he started talking to me about how he had worked with lions…He did this project where he had to work with a lion. Here he’s talking about working with a lion, I’m talking about working with wolves and we’re kind of exchanging war stories talking about working with wild animals. That was really fun. Another cool one — I bumped into Tracy Morgan… I was telling Tracy how much I loved him on ‘SNL’ and he’s telling me how much he loves ‘True Blood.’ You know, it’s pretty cool.”

Joe seems to be living the good life: no stalker, going to Europe and meeting Patrick Stewart and Tracy Morgan. The life of an actor…where do we sign up?

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