True Blood’s Joe Manganiello and Denis O’Hare Share Their Views

August 18, 2010 by  

Joe Manganiello True Blood Alcide HerveauxTrue Blood welcomed two actors to Comic Con this year. Joe Manganiello and Denis O’Hare were welcomed by fans and cast members to join them at what has become a True Blood tradition.  The video below features both cast members as they discuss their time on the show. Denis O’Hare informs us that he was actually overseas when he first got the call and couldn’t believe, he actually had to sit down! Joe has said before in many interviews, that he was chosen by fans who blogged about choosing him to play Alcide.

After the last few episodes many of us are wondering where are we going from here? How does Russell deal with losing a love that he has had for over 700 years, will Sookie and Alcide ever get a chance? While both cast members choose their words very carefully, each talked a little on this season.  Joe mainly said that while him and Sookie definitely have a spark they are both in such bad places in their lives.  Denis says this season is a lot about lose and almost every character will lose something.  Check out the below video to see the full interview.

  • sharon bray

    Happy birthday , Alexander Skarsgard, for August 27th, I thought i would hoopfully be the first.

    • jaxx

      Sharon, I’m pretty sure his birthday is August 25th. 🙂

  • loleaf

    I agree with jaxx! Alan chose well with casting these two, couldn’t imagine anyone else playing these characters then them. Can’t wait to see what Russell will do next! Is it twisted of me to say that I kinda like Russell. Who else could rip the spine out of a person one minute, saying vampires will eat you after they eat your children, then turn all sweet the next regaining his composure, “Now for the weather..Tiffany”! Love It!! ;D Twisted?? LOL!

  • jaxx

    Excellent portrayals by both men. Love both their characters.