True Blood’s Joe Manganiello Tells How He Got Ready for Alcide

July 10, 2010 by  

Did all you Truebies get a load of Joe Manganiello’s spread in July 12’s US Weekly?  I think the phrase “Oh my stars!” comes to mind.  It’s enough to turn a girl to Team Alcide.

If you didn’t, I’m sure there’s somewhere on the web you can find that particular photograph.

In case you did miss it, here is another picture of the hunky 6’5’’, 240lb, actor as Alcide in True Blood, which is almost as good.

Joe was interviewed by Dean Stattmann of Men’s Fitness magazine about the exercise and diet regime required to become a werewolf.

Mostly it seems like a lot of hard work, but Joe notes it was a bit easier for him than other stars who’ve had to bulk up for roles, as he was already in good shape.

“Some actors have to gain muscle that they’ve never had before,” Joe explains. “For me it was becoming more defined and cutting up the mass I already had.”

Joe’s exercise regime consisted of working out six days a week on a plan devised by celebrity fitness trainer Ron Mathews (who sculpted Hugh Jackman into Wolverine).

But just as important was his training diet.  Joe is also a naturally healthy eater, having been brought up on organic foods from an early age, so it was easy to stay away from sugary and fatty foods.

“It’s all about converting your body into a protein burning engine and feeding it constantly.”

And he wasn’t joking about feeding it constantly.  Joe ate small meals about every three hours and kept sulfur-free dried mangoes, almonds and whey protein on hand for snacking.  His regular, small meals consisted of chicken or fish, salad and broccoli.

“It sounds so bland, but I really love chicken and vegetables,” Joe says.

But a wolf has to howl sometimes and when Joe let loose from his strict regime once a week, it was waffles, fried chicken and macaroni cheese.


Source: Men’s Fitness
(Photo credit: HBO Inc.)