True Blood’s Joe Manganiello talks about booty shorts

June 4, 2010 by  

In a recent article with Joe Manganiello, who is going to play Alcide Herveaux on Season 3 of True Blood, he talks about how it was the fans that really led him to trying out for the part. Joe said that he went to a website that was promoting fans to post ideas of who they thought should play the upcoming characters of True Blood. He was pleasantly surprised to find out that he was chosen by the fans to play Alcide. He states he quickly picked up the Sookie Stakehouse series by Charlaine Harris, and found himself to have many of the physical characteristics of the character. Joe quickly made calls to his agents and began working towards getting hired for the spot. He seems very touched that the “truebies” were already tuned into him and seems very welcomed by the fandom.

“I had a good idea about [Alcide and Sookie’s romantic potential] from reading the books — they get into it a little bit,” he said. “You want the fans to accept your character, and I’ve been overwhelmed by the amount of fan attention on my character. It’s been amazing, right from the get go. I think some of the other characters maybe have to get in there and work a little bit harder for it, but I’ve been so fortunate. It seems like there’s been built-in fan support for my character.”

Joe mentioned that fans have even started buying and creating items that show their support for his character.  “There are all these websites online that are selling Team Alcide t-shirts and sweatshirts. They even have booty shorts for girls,” laughed Joe.

“It’s amazing! I told my manager that we’re going to have a party for Alcide’s first episode, and I told my manager that nobody’s allowed to come unless they’re wearing Alcide booty shorts!”

Don’t worry Joe we support you, and hidden below Ollie’s Team Bill and my Team Eric shirts are our Team Alcide booty shorts!

Can’t wait to see Joe on Season 3 of True Blood airing June 13!


Photo credit: HBO Inc.