True Blood’s Joe Manganiello Working with Wolves

May 7, 2010 by  

Joe Manganiello has been keeping himself busy on the set of True Blood by getting acquainted with his four legged co-stars who are the alter ego of werewolf Alcide Herveaux.

Recently Joe spoke with TV Guide Magazine and stated that instead of using CGI, the show is using North American timber wolves (gray wolves) who weight in at around 200 pounds for their werewolf scenes.

The wolves are supervised by two trainers each, while a temporary fence separates them from most of the crew. As Joe explains, the wolves have to get use to the actors before they appear in a scene by having the actor walk with, talk to and pet them under a trainer’s supervision.

Joe‘s werewolf is named Thunder,

“He is the grumpiest wolf, kind of like Alcide.” He adds that Alcide has kind of lost his pack, he kind of is this dark, dark place.”

To make sure the wolves are not too grumpy the trainers bring them to the set early to “pattern” them and show them where they need to walk or run for a scene.  However, Joe states that they can be disobedient at times and troublemakers.  Hopefully they don’t decide to take a bite at anyone.

SOURCE: TV Guide Magazine

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