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true_bloodupcloseWe here at would like to give a special thank you to Kendra White at for allowing us to re-print her article in its entirety for your reading enjoyment.  We know many True Blood fans will agree with the statements presented in Kendra’s article “Missing True Blood: Top 10 Juicy Moments.”

Though this on-hiatus fav has only had one season so far, True Blood has already been packed with so many juicy moments from literally juicy and bloody vampire moments to juicy romantic and otherwise dramatic moments that we can already analyze our top favorite juicy True Blood moments!

1. Sookie uses a chain to attack Mack’s vampire-blood-stealing butt! Even though Sookie just met Bill at this point, she didn’t hesitate to fight to save him when Mack and nasty girlfriend Denise were starting to drain Vampire Bill of his blood. – 1.1, Strange Love

2. Sookie gets beaten by the V thieves and sucks Bill’s blood. We learn True Blood isn’t afraid to get bloody when Mack and Denise came back to beat up Sookie for taking Bill – and this is not a sexy catfight to say the least! Bloody Sookie is saved by Bill who bit his own wrist, then had Sookie suck it to save her life. – 1.2, The First Taste

3. Sookie slips on blood, discovering Gran’s murder. After Jason was arrested then let go for Dawn’s murder, Sookie walked into her kitchen to slip on blood! She discovered the next in the mysterious murders as poor, sweet Gran. The clots may not thicken here, but the plot sure did! – 1.5, Sparks Fly

4. Sookie and Bill have sex for the first time. This is no teenager’s awkward first. After Gran’s funeral, Sookie went to Bill, leading to some seriously hot and juicy sex as she not only wanted sex, but when Bill’s fangs came out, she not only agreed to him biting her, but begged him to! – 1.7, Cold Ground

5. Sookie-Bill graveyard sex! Some vampire-haters set a house on fire, leaving four coffins burned with Sookie thinking Bill was in one of them. As Sookie left the graveyard at night from visiting family graves, bam! An arm shot out of the ground and grabbed her! It turned out to be a naked Bill in hiding who Sookie then had hot and dirty graveyard sex with. – 1.8, The Fourth Man in the Fire

6. Bill kills a fellow vampire! While Sookie was visiting Fangtasia to help find a thief, the bartender/thief lunged over the bar at Sookie when she was about to discover that he was the thief. Bill stabbed the bartender in the back – a super juicy moment as the bartender turned into a gross mess of spewing blood and parts – all over Sookie‘s little white dress. – 1.9, Plaisir D’Amour

7. Amy kills Eddie the vampire! While Amy and Jason fought about Jason helping Eddie, Amy killed Eddie, leaving him in the usual disgusting dead vampire state all over the floor. – 1.10, I Don’t Wanna Know

8. Tara spirals out of control. After her mother’s exorcism, Tara became convinced she needed her own, leading to a creepy woods experience hallucinating with the witch doctor, all leading to Tara drinking and getting arrested for swerving when she saw a woman with a pig in the road. That woman turned up in jail to help her get back on her feet. – 1.11, To Love is to Bury

9. Amy is killed while she and Jason are high on V. Amy was fascinating, but it surely was an awesome moment to see the killer sneak into the house and strangle Amy on the bed right next to the passed out Jason. This led to another great/awful moment of Jason discovering her and turning himself in, heartbroken, assuming he had to be the murderer. – 1.11, To Love is to Bury

10. Sookie kills the murderer! Sookie discovered Rene/Drew Marshall was the killer as she read his thoughts, leading to yet another non-delicate battle for our leading lady. This included a grossly melting Bill in the sun trying to save her, Rene catching Sookie to beat her badly, Sam showing up as a dog attacking as best he could then turning into his naked human self, and Sookie stabbing Rene in the neck with a shovel. Hot. Gross. Juiciest season finale ever! – 1.12, You’ll Be the Death of Me

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