“True Blood’s” Kenya: Tanya Wright’s Off-Duty Projects

February 12, 2010 by  

True Blood’s” Tanya WrightKenya, to Louisiana’s law-abiding citizens — has kept herself busy while off duty from her role as Bon Temps’ no-nonsense officer of the law.

She recently directed a three-minute teaser video based on an excerpt from “Fixin Tyrone,” a romance/suspense novel penned by Keith Walker and published by Genesis Press.

Tanya adapted the video’s short script from the book, and also makes an on-screen appearance as a man’s unsuspecting mistress. The scene depicts “every single woman’s worst nightmare,” Tanya said, and the cliffhanger video leaves viewers guessing about her character’s fate. Devotees will have to buy the book to see what happens next.

Tanya has also completed work on feature film “Butterfly Rising,” which showcases her abilities as screenplay writer, actor and director on a much larger scale. The film centers on Lilah Belle, who embarks on a life-changing road trip after the death of her brother. Lilah Belle is accompanied by Rose Johnson (Tanya’s character).

Tanya wrote the film in 2006, following the death of her brother Barron Wright.

Fans who prefer Tanya in uniform can check out “Timebomb,” an explosive episode from season two in which Kenya interrogates Sam about some suspicious findings at Merlotte’s.

Source: Yahoo News, PRNewswire

Photo credit: www.butterflyrisingthemovie.com