True Blood’s Kristin Bauer Talks Fangs 101

June 16, 2010 by  

Perhaps we take it for granted. Watching our favorite vampires on HBO‘s True Blood as their fangs descent in a moment of anger or passion, we all get a little chill. But like it or not, those vampires are fictional. And those actors must work with fake fangs.

Kristin Bauer, or vampire Pam, talked with People Magazine about her fang situation.

“To learn how to bite somebody, there should be a school… We should have teeth school.”

But having such pros as Alexander Skarsgard and Stephen Moyer around can be helpful. According to Kristin, Moyer has his own advice.

“He said, you just have to take the pain… They’re so big and sharp that they go into your bottom lip. He was exactly right. If you try to avoid and find a place to make these comfortable in your mouth, it’ll never happen. You look like evil Bugs Bunny.”

And her biggest fear when biting someone else? Accidentally causing any real damage? Not quite.

“No, my fear is I don’t want to drool on this poor person!”

Kristin has a little more to share about Season 3, other than tooth problems. Like her character’s new role as mentor to young vampire Jessica.

“It’s Pam view point that [Jessica] has a really crappy maker… She thinks Bill is a horrible maker because he doesn’t teach her how to be a real vampire. He’s teaching her how to be a PG vampire.”

Now we’re talking. And after that first episode, it’s clear poor Jessica is in need of some guidance. And Pam is just the vampire to do it.

Kristin reveals one more interesting tidbit about her character this season. She’ll get her turn to have a “steamy sex scene.” We just don’t know with whom.

“She does get some action… There’s some hot action!”

Yay for Pam!


(Photo Credit: HBO Inc.)