True Blood’s Kristin Bauer van Straten Bares Fangs for Alexander Skarsgard

September 9, 2010 by  

Eric Northman and Pam Ravenscroft:  TrueBloodNet.comEric Northman is arguably one of the hottest vampires in today’s media.  Whether you are a fan of the character, or the guy who plays him, there is little not to like about the Viking vampire.  But with the exploding popularity of HBO‘s True Blood, more and more attention has been drawn toward Alexander Skarsgard.  Rumors, pictures, and headlines can always be seen regarding Skarsgard and his non-True Blood exploits.

Kristin Bauer van Straten, who plays Eric’s vampire prodigy “Pam,” doesn’t like to tease Skarsgard for all of his media attention, citing that he is “such a sweet guy.”  This is probably a smart move on Bauer’s part as she is the one who works most closely with him, when he delves deep into the dark, mysterious, and powerful Eric Northman.

The character of Pam looks up to Eric more as a parental figure and therefore we most likely will never see a steamy scene between the two characters.  Likewise, all things indicate that Pam would prefer the ladies anyhow.  But recently, E!Online asked Bauer if she is disappointed that she never gets to have a romantic scene with her Viking counter-part:

“Not since I’m married.  Before I was married I was a little more disappointed.”

However, we wonder how Eric would be able to handle Pam as she is one tough cookie.  Especially since Eric has only showed his sensitive side for her and Godric.  The maker bond is truly a strong one.  But where does all that toughness come from?  Raised in Wisconsin, Bauer claims that she was raised in a community of cordial neighbors.  With one exception:

“My mother would beat us if we weren’t [polite.]”

Perhaps Pam’s toughness can be rooted in this, “politeness encouragement.”

Source:  E!Online – True Blood’s Pam Talks Dirt, Skars and Sex!

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