True Blood Leaving Its Mark on 2009

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If these numerous “best of” list rankings are proving anything, it is what a lasting impression True Blood left on viewers this year. Critics praise the show for being fun and outrageous. Months after the Season two finale, everyone still remembers what a good time we all had as True Blood fans this summer.

One popular TV blog, Televisionary, ranks True Blood as one of the best US dramas, along with other HBO series Big Love, AMC’s Mad Men, and ABC’s Lost.

In its second season, HBO’s vampire drama True Blood went from being a guilty pleasure to a series that balanced the outright campy with the truly transcendent.

It credits the show for growing from the first season into a deeper universe with fascinating supporting characters like Alexander Skarsgard’s Eric, Nelsan Ellis’ Lafayette, Rutina Wesley’s Tara, and Deborah Ann Woll’s Jessica. The story arc with Eric’s maker Godric, played by young Danish actor Allan Hyde, only lasted a few episodes, but it was emotionally compelling and memorable. Alan Ball has created a wonderful combination of the light-hearted and the heavy, so that the show can be fun and exciting, but also powerful.

There are few series that are as gleefully unpredictable than True Blood, a series that rewrites the rules about storytelling while spinning a bloody good yarn.

Here’s to more unpredictable and thrilling fun in 2010 with Season three!


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  • MarleneEmmett

    You know that there is a group of *die hard fans who have been
    with the show from the very beginning who would do anything to
    spread the word about the show!!*
    Some of us make wonderful videos and post them for all the world
    fans to see while others spread the word by word of mouth.
    I’ll tell anyone when paying a bill,doing my banking at my bank,
    going to the doctor~or visiting web sites.
    And I’ll leave comments on other sites asking fans to visit HBO’s
    TrueBlood fan Forum Member Created Boards to come join US and
    talk about the show!!!

    I want TrueBlood to be recognized as well as Twilight is!!!
    I also think that *the established shows pay too much attention
    to Twilight~What is TrueBlood chopped liver?*

    TrueBlood’s is wonderful show for grownups!!
    Twilight’s for teenagers/tweeners!!!!

    • Hi Marlene!

      You are so right! Whenever I go anywhere I mention True Blood and try to get as many people turned on to the show as possible. LOL! I am one of those fans “who have been with the show from the beginning” too. LOL! We started off on the HBO True Blood Message Board and it is from there that we started this site. 🙂

  • Monica

    defenitly Eric made that Season…and Godric and his storyline even if so short impressed everybody…..
    Go Viking…^^

    • Val

      Amen ladies!!Go Trueblood and hope everyone has a great holiday season!

    • Nia

      Actually Monica, I disagree, IMO True Blood is a team effort and recognition and honors go to all.

      AdoreBill, Marlene,
      I have been talking True Blood up since it stole my heart and invaded my soul that first season (most of the blame goes to that smoldering eyed southern gent!!).
      I have hosted many parties and turned many people. I will faithfully continue to do so.
      I wake up thinking True Blood and it rocks me to sleep at night.
      I am and will always be its sternest defender.
      For Alan B., the incredible cast, the crazy writers and all those involved, they have my total support and admiration. That will never ever change.
      True Blood brought me back to life!

      Team True BLood forever!!

      • lizzie

        How true, Nia. I also was caught in the True Blood Net when Bill walked into Merlottes Bar! I wqas caught hook, line and sinker and I continue to be caught in by Alan Ball’s incredible world where ALL the characters/actors made the show a talking showpiece! Yes, Eric had a few scenes which made him noticed along with Godric, Sookie is to remembered for being incredibly stupid with her scenes with Eric but more mature with her scenes with Godric! Her scenes with Bill were romantic and showed their intense love with each other! Andy, Sam and Jason also stole their scenes and put their characters onto another level. Even Maryanne – love her or hate her, Michelle Forbes did her job well in portraying MA. Laf and his PTSD, Arlene and Terry and even Tara ad Eggs – poor Eggs with all that guilt in hi shead and now Tara with even more heartbreak! It is an ensemble cast and even though Sookie and Bill are the leads, ALL the supporting cast had great scenes this season and well done to them all! Also, well done Alan Ball for bringing us this delightful show!

        Go Team True Blood!!!

        • Nia

          WELL SAID!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
          Team True Blood all the way