True Blood is Mainstreaming

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‘The Office’ Costume Contest Airing October 28th

The Office Meredith as Sookie StackhouseTrue Blood‘s popularity is showing up on television shows everywhere.  First Sesame Street made a parody episode about our favorite show and now NBC’s hit show ‘The Office’ will have a little slice of Bon Temps on display during its Halloween themed costume competition.  Two Dunder Mifflin staff members will be donning True Blood costumes this Thursday night.  Andy will enter the competition dressed as brooding vampire Bill Compton while Meredith goes dressed as telepathic waitress Sookie Stackhouse.  

The Halloween themed episode has the staff entering a costume contest competing for the grand prize of a coupon book.  Some of the other contestants are Ryan dressed as Justin Bieber, Darryl as Dracula and Gabe as Lady Gaga.

The Office Andy as Bill Compton

‘The Office’ airs on NBC Thursday nights at 9:00pm.

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  • jaxx

    Just watched this episode and laughed. Sookie and Bill on The Office. Loved when he said “Sooookie”. The word is getting about about TB!!!! YAY!!! More and more people are catching on. Long live TB.

  • Danielle

    That’s awesome!! I thought the first time was House MD to Wilson saying “I am vampire Sookie” during last season?