Is True Blood Making Us Vampire Obsessed?

October 4, 2009 by  

true-blood-bill-compton-season-1Many people in the 90s spent time trying to figure out why others were dressing up as vampires, or believed themselves to be one. Goths as they are usually called would walk around with their long leather trench coats and take themselves so seriously that you wanted to shake them and say “you are not undead.” Times have quickly changed and it seems that though we don’t dress in long leather trench coats, we too are obsessed with vampires.

Celebrities like Dita Von Teese, Nicole Kidman and Madonna have worn items to help the obsessed. Up and coming actresses are carrying on the tradition such as Rumor Willis and Kristen Stewart. There is a market now for anything that looks goth, from high end items down to the black nail polish. Even Lindsay Lohan has posted pictures of herself wearing fangs on Twitter.

The fashion industry isn’t the only ones banking on the vampire craze. Authors are doing the same. Stephenie Meyer’s Twilight series spent 143 weeks on the New York Times bestseller list. The first film made a superstar out of Robert Pattinson. There is even talk that Buffy the Vampire Slayer is being remade as a big-bucks Hollywood movie. And just this past season a new television series was introduced by the series of the same name, The Vampire Diaries. The show premiered with 4.8 million viewers. Yet some will agree that all the previously mentioned books, movies and TV shows are geared towards teenagers and their mothers. There is one TV show that is not and it is claimed to be the hottest one yet. True Blood just finished up it’s second season on HBO. It’s an incredibly sexy vampire series steeped in Southern gothic and created by Alan Ball, previously of Six Feet Under. The series is based on Charlaine Harris’ Southern Vampire Series books.

Why is anything to do with vampires these days so important? You can’t get more escapist than a vampire. What people want when they feel their lives have taken a nose drive, along with the global economy, is exactly that. Vampires aren’t looked at as superheroes, but as loners. They operate outside of society’s rules and that is such an appeal to people, especially teenagers who want to break out of their shell. People also love the idea that they “live among us” and that even in your small neck of the woods, there would be in fact vampires. Yet the number one reason we seem to love vampires is the new breed is extremely sexy – toned, young flesh. The idea of soft flesh, sinking teeth, blood and possession, served up with a big dose of glamor, is a perfect idea with our pansexual 21st-century taste. Add romance to sex and you have the perfect package. Just think about it. Sure Tom Cruise wasn’t bad for a vampire in Interview With A Vampire, but I think Stephen Moyer and Alexander Skarsgard both do a much better job.

Season 1 of True Blood begins in the UK on October 7 while North America awaits Season 3 to begin in the summer of 2010.  Let’s see if more people fall in love with True Blood.

SOURCE:  TimesOnline

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  • antonio

    Yes! Somehow I Don’t mind Do You? LOL

  • antonio

    I think there is also a trend toward Shapeshifters,too! Before Twilight and True Blood I had never heard of them before. I guess the whole werewolf thing had gotten tired. Now the big thing seems to Shifters Like Sam Merlotte and Jacob Black of TL.
    While JB can Only phase into a Wolf~~and a Heck of a 1,too!
    Sam Merlotte can shift into just about Anything…Cool,huh??
    So, I think that TB and TL have made the shifter popular now too!
    What’s the difference between a shifter and a werewolf? Briefly,
    Weres are “made” creatures,Shifters are born with and develop their skills over time. All Werewolves Are Shapeshifters…Not All Shapeshifters Are Werewolves.

  • Nicole

    I’ve always been obsessed with Vampires, particularly the ones found in the Anne Rice novels, so this is not new to me. I was barely in Middle School before I was turned on to that amazing series of books.

    I think what it is now is that companies and writers are seeing how successful franchises such as True Blood and Twilight are, and they are running with it. I agree with Dee, I think that people are going to becoming bored with the whole vampire scene; which is most unfortunate because there are so stories out there (such as those in the Anne Rice series and the Southern Vampire book) that are worth reading/watching! Anymore, it’s all about money and these corporations are going to bleed the vampires(no pun intended) of the mystery and fantasy they deserve, just to sale more merchandise.

  • I’m only obsessed with with Stephen Moyer as Vampire Bill…on “True Blood”…I never was that thrilled over vampire shows ect., Until I watched this show….Now it’s all about…”Bill” and this particular..Scary..funny..Sexy..Hot show!! I don’t think the new will wear off…for awhile, anyways!!?? A long while…

  • antonio

    Here is what I think. First of All, Although the vampire may be primarily a woman’s fantasy It Is NOT exclusively one! There are lots of sexy,buxom Female vampires out there,also! Many Guys Also Like the idea of a Gal who never gets Any older, who will not give them a STD and who cannot bear them children…So its Not just You Ladies who like Those particular facts! As far as intellect/experience goes?? As long as she bites into you like a wiild animal Who Cares about the rest!!LOL
    Only Male Vampires are looking for brides/companions!!
    Female Vampires are just looking for food or a sex slave They usually arent looking for love. If Say Bill Compton was the human at Merlotte’s and he met Lorena there she would just would to gorge herself on him not make a love connection!
    If though i got the feeling that Bill was “hungry” for Sookie as her scent seemed to drive him nuts!!
    I have also read of Women who were shapeshifters (Daphne for 1)
    and even Female Werewolves No More agressive than their male counterparts.
    Have We become Vamp obsessed Yes i think so
    Did it start with TB OR TL NO I dont think So!
    40 years ago people tuned in to see Barnabas Collins
    1979’s production n of Dracula Frank Langella tried to paint him as an anti-hero of sorts.
    The Francis Ford Coppolla version about ’93?? Seemed like it wanted the watcher to feel sorry for him as he had been deprived of his beloved and his land.. Gory though it was
    What is it,though What Is It about William Compton??
    He seems to be at the top of the list Even above Robert Pattinson (that is if you are older than an 8th grade gal)
    He’s suave,troubled, impassioned and deep down maybe he still Is a “good ole boy” He’s commanding yet seductive.
    I think the thing about Bill here is that hes Not All bad or good
    Hes sort of like a “grey” area.
    I have to say that I like Bill better than Eric.

  • Dee

    I love True Blood, and I am also a big fan of L.J. Smith’s books. Even though vampires are the hottest thing right now, it is also a trend that is eventually going to dry out sooner rather than later, and there’s going to be a point where people are going to become fed up with it, and I honestly, I am starting to see that already. What somewhat bothers me about this trend is that I think with vampires being portrayed as sexy and young, it’s going to affect how some people see themselves when it comes to their self-image, especially because we live in a society where there are those who are obsessed with looking young and beautiful, and I sometimes wonder if that is the right message to send to the certain demographics, because honestly I don’t understand how some people wonder vampires= eternal youth whereas they don’t even exist.

    When I think of vampires, I think of them draining their victims’ blood and tossing their bodies aside. They’re monsters, not people.

    • val

      come on-lighten up!I have always been into Vampires and love to be scared! I’m no kid either and TrueBlood is,after all,for ADULTS. People who don’t like em don’t have to watch the show or read the books! Its a choice after all!

  • ehhh I think companies see vampires = money. I mean besides True Blood and Twilight, now we got the Vampire Diaries on tv and the Vampire’s Assistant coming to the movie theatre.

  • Once vampires started getting sexed up, everyone wanted one, especially women. It’s the whole fantasy about having someone with experience who can’t get and give you any STDs or STIs, someone who has a more global understanding of culture, etc. It’s sexy to have a smart significant other who has experienced things one can only dream of.