True Blood’s Mariana Klaveno (Lorena) talks Season 3

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With the Season 3 premiere of HBO ‘s True Blood only 2 months away the publicity is really amping up.

The lovely Mariana Klaveno, who brings Vampire Bill’s maker, Lorena, to life with such wicked verve recently spoke with, about acting with fangs, True Blood and much more. She gives Truebies a few hints about what’s to come in Season 3, but nothing too spoilerish.

Mariana had a passion for acting from a young age and after graduating from her drama studies at the University of Washington in Seattle, moved to LA to pursue a career in acting.

Just like Lorena changed Bill’s life, so did True Blood change Mariana’s. Although the role started as a small part in Season 1 it grew into a much meatier role in Season 2 and continues in Season 3. For the gifted actress this was a major career milestone:

True Blood was certainly the one where I felt like, “Okay, I can quit my restaurant job. I can actually consider myself a working actor.”

In bringing Lorena to the screen, Mariana explains how the True Blood writers allowed her the freedom to make the character her own.  She states she brings into the scenes her ideas on how to play out the role and then everyone steps in to provide suggestions on how to “fine-tune” the scene.

In describing what motivates Lorena, Mariana says that she is obsessed with Bill that it is really tragic because she demonstrates being a conflicted creature.  Craving for someone who emulates human characteristics that are opposite to nature.

And what will be in store for Bill and Lorena this season? Mariana can’t tell us too much, but she gives us some hints, saying that:

“I think viewers will get to see a whole different side to Bill and Lorena, especially with Bill. You get to see him in a much different light this season. There are a few scenes with Lorena where people will expect her to be far more sinister than she actually is, which will add some layers and dimensions to people’s view of her. Even though she is a monster in her own right, she’s not as monstrous as you think. She even has pity in some scenes that I’m hoping are very surprising to people. And, vampire Bill is in a whole new light in Season 3.”

Mariana heaps praise on her co-stars Stephen Moyer and Anna Paquin but wishes (tongue in cheek) that Lorena could have some scenes with the other characters in the show such as shopping with Lafayette or interacting with the other characters at Merlotte‘s.

On Stephen and Anna she has high praise for their professionalism on the set:

“[Stephen] … is absolutely wonderful. He’s so funny and so smart. … He’s also so generous and considerate, and he’s always worried about the other person, in terms of our scenes, which involve a lot of stunts and crazy stuff. His first concern is always if I’m okay and if there’s anything he can do to make it easier for me. He’s just a wonderful, giving, funny guy and he’s great…Anna is very similar, in that she’s wickedly funny and adorable. They’re great people and a great couple.”

And just how difficult is to act with those fangs?

“I actually just shot a scene where I had my fangs in and a big speech that had about 25 S’s, and I made it out okay, but they take some getting used to, for sure. The S’s are the most challenging consonant. My speech was this evil, angsty speech full of S’s and one mistake makes it ridiculous. You sound like a 6-year-old with a speech impediment. It’s silly. You have to get a lot of practice in, so sometimes we wear our fangs around set, before a scene, just to get used to them and practice speaking with them.”

Hopefully one of these days HBO will release the fang accident outtakes.

You can read the complete version of this lengthy and fascinating interview here.

Photo credit: HBO Inc. (screenshot by James)