True Blood’s Mariana Klaveno Supports the NOH8 Campaign

May 4, 2010 by  

Mariana Klaveno‘s character on True Blood, Lorena, is the vampire we all love to hate. She’s malicious, determined to get her way, and she doesn’t care who gets hurt so long as she gets what she wants. However, in the real world, the lovely Mariana is an absolute angel. Recently, Mariana joined many celebrities like Michael Emerson (Lost) and Jane Lynch (Glee), along with tons of other people, in supporting the NOH8 Campaign, which was started to protest Proposition 8, the law in California that prevents gay marriage.

Thank you, Mariana, for supporting rights for all in the real world the same way that True Blood is attempting to give them to everyone in that world! It would be amazing to see the rest of the True Blood cast joining in on the NOH8 Campaign.


(Photo credit:: Adam Bouska)