True Blood’s Marshall Allman Talks about Tommy Mickens

June 8, 2010 by had the opportunity to speak with one of the newest cast members to join season 3 of True Blood, Marshall Allman who will play Sam Merlotte‘s younger brother, Tommy MickensMarshall shared his experience being the new kid on the set and why fans should keep a close eye on Sookie, Bill and Eric.

How did it feel to come into an ensemble cast that had already been established for two seasons, especially one that was so well known?

“First of all, it was an honor. Having watched the show, I knew how good everybody was. So I was very proud to be considered a part of the cast. I also learned so much. It’s kind of like being the new kid in school a little bit, where, you know, you have to come in and take a step back and learn how they do things. I learned so much from how amazingly professional everyone is on the set. It’s like a perfectly run set — no drama, everybody’s really cool.”

Many of True Blood‘s actors drew inspiration for their characters from Charlaine Harris‘s novels, but your character was created specifically for the show. How did you get to know Tommy?

“I am the brainchild of Alan Ball. So I went straight to the source and just asked Alan, ‘Tell me about Tommy.’ He gave me everything they had at the start of the season. As I came in and did the work and did it how I see it, [the writers] start to get to know you. You start to ask, ‘Oh, wait. Did they write this because they might have seen this aspect of my personality?’ There’s this unspoken thing where you’re almost creating a character together. And that’s been such a joy for me this year.

“My character is not overtly evil and he’s not an angel. He’s so human. I was blown away by that.”

Tommy is kind of a wildcard because fans don’t have a frame of reference for him. What can you tell us about your character?

“You know, you said it best. He’s definitely a wildcard. From an outsider’s perspective, he’s that guy who, when you think ‘Oh, what if I did this?’ because you’re angry at somebody, Tommy just does it. He doesn’t have many filters. He’s very young and impulsive, and very passionate. He feels things deeply. He likes to live life really on the edge. He’s definitely a fun one to watch. You never know what’s going to happen when Tommy‘s in the room.”

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