True Blood’s Media Strategy

May 23, 2010 by  

Recently, True Blood and Dexter were put next to each other in order to compare the media strategies of both shows. Several areas of the campaign were compared, including video strategy, online media strategy, events and out of home, etc. In order to create the comparison, the current True Blood campaign for season 3 and the season 4 campaign for Dexter were compared. Both Dexter and True Blood were judged on rewarded on a star system with 5 stars being the highest ranking, and 1 star being the lowest ranking.

The judging began with both shows’ video strategies. Both Dexter and True Blood were given 4 stars for on- and off-channel videos that promote their respective shows. True Blood was well served with the use of minisodes and behind-the-scenes clips as ways to promote season 3. They were also well promoted by airing the season 3 trailer on the CW after The Vampire Diaries. Dexter was well-served for using a youtube “advergame” that led to an extended trailer.

Online Media Strategies for True Blood and Dexter were compared next. In this category, Dexter received 3 stars while True Blood received 4.5 stars. The reason for this? Dexter can be found on Facebook and Twitter, as well as ads on many varying sites. True Blood, on the other hand, has not only all that Dexter does, but role playing groups, and many amazing fansites, all of which give fans even more opportunities to interact with other fans.

The next category True Blood and Dexter were judged on was Events and Out-of-Home. In this category, True Blood was given 4 stars thanks to the Ultimate Truebie event that will be taking place on June 1 at 50 movie theaters across the country. Dexter was given 3.5 stars for their promotional events, including one that took place at the Sheraton Four Points Hotel in Chelsea, NY.

Print was a category where True Blood and Dexter had a serious points difference. True Blood received only 2 stars because the print campaign is still ongoing and has been pretty basic, with only some simple print ads in magazines and that 3D sheet and the 3D glasses in one Playboy issue. Dexter received 3.5 stars for turning some of their print campaign into a contest.

In Merchandise, True Blood had 3.5 stars compared to Dexter’s 2.5 stars thanks to the creation of the delicious TruBlood soda, as well as the comic books that will be premiering in July at Comic-Con 2010. Dexter’s merchandising ventures include coasters that are glass slides with blood samples and also baby bibs.

The final comparison category was Mobile. True Blood received an N/A for this category, since there hasn’t been much done yet with mobile applications for the show. Dexter received 4 stars because of their mobile app, which allows users to analyze crime scenes, etc.

The final analysis came down to True Blood getting 4.5 stars and Dexter getting 4 stars. Both have great promotions and even better fans. While Dexter has a strong campaign behind it, True Blood just has some more imaginative campaign ideas that give it an edge over Dexter.


(Image Credit: HBO Inc.)