True Blood Men Featured In “Shirtless Men of the Week”

December 29, 2009 by features the men of True Blood in their “Shirtless Men of the Week” posting of Show Patrol with a gallery of photos featuring the handsome vampire Bill Compton (Stephen Moyer) the good-looking viking vampire Eric Nothman (Alexander Skarsgard) and the adorable Jason Stackhouse (Ryan Kwanten) to name a few.

Since HBO is presenting a True Blood season 1 marathon (starting Monday, December 28 airing 3 episodes from 8:00pm – 110:00pm EST each night through to December 31) it is another wonderful incentive to tune in to help quell the True Blood withdrawal that many are suffering while waiting for season 3.

Here are a few of the wonderful images on their gallery:

To enjoy the wonderful photos in the gallery click here.


(Photo credit: HBO Inc.)

  • pbt

    OK, I admit I had to revisit this article again this morning. Watched episode 8 again last night.

    Viking in a bathtub is better than soap on rope any day of the week. 🙂

    Keep those articles coming Ollie. Go True Blood.

    164days until the v-ddiction continues!

  • lizzie

    Gee all those snaps of Bill are so HOT!!!

    Bit unfair that eric got double dipped and with a half naked Sookie to boot, yet the two photos of Bill in bed with Sookie had only her shoulder and sheet cladded bottom. Not fair! Sookie should not have been in the Eric photo. This was supposed to have been a “shirtless men of TB” shoot! Obviously an Eric shipper posting these photos. Dear me!

    Go Team True Blood!

  • Mony

    I should buy a new bathtube, mine is to short for a big guy like him!!!!!ahahah^^^

  • Mmmmmm! Vampire Bill is sooo yummy!!

  • Val

    I gotta side with all you women who want in THAT bathroom!! Nothing like a hot,steamy,wet Viking vamp to make bath day complete!!!

  • Antonio

    It’s nice to see these characters of TB are being given some recognition. It’s a shame that there’s no talk of the gals of the show and the female hotties anywhere! When Sam took Sookie out for coffee All I could think about was how cool it would be to be out on a date with her! There are hot gals on the show,too! And BTW, Sookie looked great in her bikini top and white shorts! LOL Pam looking hot in Fangtasia? Who cares about the guys?? LOL 🙂

    • missyella

      Antonio there are lots of hot women out there, maybe they will eventually get featured somewhere.

      But you have to admit that when it comes to “Beefcake” the Women always have the upper hand, especially when it comes to Celebrity Magazines etc..

    • jaxx

      Hi Antonio, you are right. Sookie, Pam, Tara, Dawn, Amy, Maryann all great looking women. Sorry, but right now I’m siding with the women. More beefcake please. LOL.

    • Mony

      you’re right…i find Jessica for exemple a really beautiful girl and even others women defenitly deserve much more attentions!!!!

      • jaxx

        Oh my gosh, I totally forgot to list Jessica above. My bad 🙁 I did not mean to omit her. I think she is beautiful inside and out.

        • missyella

          Jaxx you are so right, but what has happened to Jessica?

          I remember her biting a man in his Pick-Up Truck in the final episode, If I remember correctly……

          • jaxx

            I think she’s just acting out, acting the bad vamp part, because of the break up with Hoyt. First love and all. Will be interesting to see how this one plays out.

  • pbt

    That man could fill my “bathtub” anytime he likes. Yummy, is correct. What’s not to love about all of our True Blood hotties. Follow the link, to see the rest of the True Blood hotties including; Mecah Brooks, Sam Trammell and Nelsan Ellis. Whoohoo, True Blood.

    165 days until the v-ddiction continues.

  • Mony

    Geez….i wish i can have someone in my bathroom when i came back home…..maybe a Viking…..ahahahah^^
    Go True Blood!!!!

    • jaxx

      Me too Mony. Me too. lol.

      • missyella

        Mony, Jaxx, Pbt don’t forget lil ol me lol..

        • jaxx

          Of course, Missyella, we’d never forget you. You are one of us Skarsaholics. lol.

          • missyella

            Oh yes…………..

        • pbt

          Missyella we would always count you in with us Skarsaholics for sure. OMG. What’s not too love about all of these men? Of course we do have our favorites. Sorry Ollie! I must say Alex is my favorite. And yes Mony, Missy, Jaxx and I will all share the Viking with you. OK now lets sing Kumbaiya and hold hands. LOL.

          • missyella

            Pbt, I tell you my first big lust was Sam, not even Bill though I thought Bill was cool, BUT THEN ASkars appeared and well that was that……. I make no apology!!!!!!

          • pbt

            No apologies are needed or accepted about the Viking. He has all glamoured us all with his intense eyes, wonderful good looks and a personality to match.

          • Mony

            we really need a very large bathroom for all of us…ahahah^^