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Shortlist Amusement with the Men of True Blood

ShortlistLocateTV asked to take a look at a new feature on their website called shortlists. Well, you bet! Any excuse to play around, especially when it has something to do with True Blood.

What’s a shortlist? According to LocateTV:

With the new feature, you can build your own themed lists of TV shows, film and people. You can also rate and comment on other people’s lists and share them with your friends. You can put shortlists together using any TV show, movie or person on LocateTV: pick a theme for a shortlist you would like to build click the “create your shortlist” button search for the TV, movies or people you want to add to your shortlist drag’n’drop their image into the shortlist bar at the bottom of the page (or click the “Add” menu and select “Add to my Shortlist”) when you have made your selections, hit the “publish and comment” button to share your list with the world.

There are about a dozen shortlist themes so far, with the promise of more to come. While it’s not yet possible to create your own theme, you can suggest themes to the site. (I suggested My Favorite Television Supernaturals.)

After looking through the shortlist themes, I decided to have some True Blood fun with the Celebs I’d Like to Datetheme since it was easy to think of my shortlist-in-the-making as being organized around a slightly different theme. My True Blood bias is obvious, I’m afraid. Considering that I have the attention span of a two-year old, for me to succeed at creating a shortlist, the process was going to have to be both obvious and easy. And it was. And that means . . . taa dah!

I created my very own shortlist consisting of 10 of the male cast members of True Blood.  (Ten is the maximum number of items for a shortlist.) The images used to populate a shortlist come from the LocateTV site itself. This means you can immediately drag and drop the relevant image to your shortlist. Dead easy, even for me, and I over-think everything while overlooking huge glowing buttons that say Click Here. The downside, however, is that you are limited to images provided by the site. More on that in a bit.

A shortlist of True Blood Actors

Take a look at my shortlist here.  My list is ordered alphabetically by first name, by the way. If you have a look, you’ll see you can vote up or down the actors I elected to include, as well as comment on the awesomeness of my shortlist. Or disagree. Or make your own. Frankly, I think mine will be hard to beat, but don’t let that discourage you from trying!

Fun but With a Few Shortcomings

One of the current shortcomings is immediately and glaringly apparent; no pictures available for four of the ten actors on my list. There were images for Alexander Skarsgard, James Frain, Joe Manganiello, Stephen Moyer, Ryan Kwanten and Sam Trammell, but none available for Denis O’Hare, for example. Or any of the others I selected.

Another issue, though some may disagree, is that others can’t vote on your list unless they are registered users. I tweeted about my list after I was done, and that registration requirement proved to be a roadblock for some people. So, be warned, registration is required to vote on my awesome shortlist. There are a few other hiccups I noted but nothing major.

Shortlists in Conclusion

I had fun creating my shortlist and it’s easy to share yours via social networks like Facebook, Twitter and the like. The lack of picture availability is an issue I hope to see resolved soon.

Go forth and vote for my shortlist of True Blood men or create your own even awesomer list. There is now, of course, a crying need for a shortlist of the women of True Blood someone would like to date. Just pointing that out.

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