True Blood’s Natasha Alam is Team Bill

June 19, 2010 by  

Yvetta may be enjoying Eric‘s company quite a bit, but the actress behind her still wants to see Sookie with another man. When she was interviewed by TV Fanatic, she was asked about whether or not she liked True Blood. Of course, this new mom’s answer (she had a baby in 2009) was that she loves the show, and had actually auditioned for it several times, and was thrilled to get the part of Yvetta.

However, when asked about which team she belongs to, Natasha replied:

That’s a tough choice, but I’m kind of leaning towards Team Bill a little more.

Natasha probably just wants Yvetta to have Eric to herself!

SOURCE: TV Fanatic

(Image Credit: Photo by ALISHER – © NATASHA ALAM via

  • lizzie

    I agree Nia. Team Bill or Eric tends to lean towards nastiness.

    Go True Blood!

    Thanks Isis.

    • Nia

      Hey Lizzie!!!!!

      Its been awhile friend! Good to catch you up. We are on the other sides of the world yet it is True Blood that brings us together!!!
      I know you feel as I do in all things TB. Fans for life eh!!

      Bring on the True Blood!

      • lizzie

        Hi Nia! Nice to talk to you! Just having a break from work and looking at the sites! Glad Tb has brought us all together!
        Not long til episode 2!

  • Nia

    I find Natasha to be a very beautiful woman and I am sure that we will see so much more of her in this season, but personally I do not care to subscribe to the “teams”.
    It is nice to hear though that she likes Bills character as I do.

    But in all honesty, I will always prefer Team True Blood.
    In this way all the wonderful actors as well as this marvelous show are shown our respect and admiration.

    Thank you Isis!