True Blood’s Nelsan Ellis Talks Love in Season 3

June 14, 2010 by  

As we try to drain every drop of info about Season 3 as vampirely possible, Nelsan Ellis, or True Blood‘s Lafayette, shared some info about his character and some of the others.

Nelsan admits there will be werewolves and there will be some vampires vs. werewolves action.

Speaking of action, Nelsan confirms there will be lots of sex this season.

“But there’s nothing really weird about it this season. It happens between people with strong connections and chemistry.”

The possibilities are endless. Nelsan clues us in about his character’s love situation. Lafayette is paired with a character named Jesus, played by Kevin Alejandro.

“We do a lot of sucking face,” Ellis said. Though the two hook up, “they kept us in our clothes, he said. “It made the spark more tangible, more real.”

We’ll also have the pleasure of meeting Lafayette‘s mom who will be played by Alfre Woodard. Apparently, we’re in for a lot of backstories for some of our favorite True Blood characters including Bill, Eric, and Sam.

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(Photo Credit: HBO Inc.)