’s Interview with Twitter’s Bill Compton @BillCompton_TB

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The wait for Season 3 of True Blood is slowly getting shorter and shorter, but it’s still not enough for some of us fans. As many of you probably know, I recently stumbled upon an amazing group of Twitter roleplayers, and they’ve been incredibly kind to me, allowing me to interview them. After seeing how well my interview with Sookie went, Bill Compton @BillCompton_TB decided that it would be okay for me to interview him as well. Thanks for being so gracious and allowing me to interview you!

Isis: Hi, Bill. Very pleased that you were willing to do this interview! Shall we begin?

BillCompton_TB: Absolutely.

Isis: Ok, first, when did you start roleplaying? Is this your first group?

BillCompton_TB: No actually, I’ve been online roleplaying since around twelve years old. I’ve been playing on story boards for many years as well.

Isis: What other fandoms have you role played for, and what characters have you been?

BillCompton_TB: The first character I created was for mass RP in a realm called Rhydin, I think it was exclusive to AOL Chat rooms. What evolved was a group who played on a board called New Avalon. My first Character was a Prince of Avalon who could actually open portals to other realms, Earth in particular. It was great. He became an Entertainment Lawyer, haha. I’ve also been a prince of Rome (my character actually killed his father, the Caesar, and brought his head home in a cloth bag), multiple vampires and even a pirate named Vain.

Isis: Cool! I’m a fan of Ancient Romans, but that’s in an entirely different series from True Blood. Anyways, what’s your inspiration to be the most realistic Bill possible?

BillCompton_TB: Well, I’ve read all of the books, and actually being from the South helps I think. I know men like Bill, besides people who keep up with True Blood RP want the characters to remain as close to the originals as possible I think.

Isis: Yes, we at feel that you guys keep an important part of True Blood‘s fan base involved during the wait between seasons. After all, news and spoilers only get you so far…

BillCompton_TB: Exactly! so what better way for us to pass the time as RPer than to play our favorite characters. I’m very fortunate for the opportunity. And a special thanks to everyone who watches our Twittersodes.

Isis: Yes! I love those! I heard that last week you and Eric wrote the episode. What was with the tormenting of Bill, and what’s in store for the new Twittersode? It made me feel really bad for you!

BillCompton_TB: Eric mostly, he is a genius. He comes up with these great plans and I just kind of add some of the small details. I give him the credit. Haha, the tormenting of Bill. Yeah, I’ve been dealing with that for a while now. When Eric sets his mind to torture, there’s no end to it, and thank you for the worry. It’s just all part of the fun. The new Twittersode… is  a surprise, but will be just as fun as the last. It will involve more characters this time, possibly Jason and Tara and Lafayette. I’m looking forward to it.

Isis: Cool! I’m just dying with curiosity!

BillCompton_TB: Sookie is actually the mastermind behind this week’s episode.

Isis: Yes, and she kept her mouth shut.

BillCompton_TB: (laughing)

Isis: What’s the support system like behind the scenes of the roleplay group? Because you all seem to work together magnificently!

BillCompton_TB: Thank you! Surprisingly, we do. Everyone is very in tune to their characters and it’s a great group. Everyone is very open to others ideas, and that’s what it takes to make it work. I haven’t encountered a lot of ego with this bunch… well… aside from Eric. -grins-

Isis: I’m sure it’s all in fun, though.

BillCompton_TB: It is. He’s a great guy, very talented, they all are.

Isis: Great! How goes the relationship between Sookie and Bill right now? Is it going to stay sweet as it is now?

BillCompton_TB: As much as I would love to say that It will stay as nice forever… we all know that all good things have to eventually come to an end. There’s a Viking lurking in the shadows I’m sure… For now though, yes. Sookie and Bill are very much in love.

Isis: *smiles* It’s really great how realistically you and Sookie interact! So much love between you, just like on True Blood!

BillCompton_TB: Why thank you! I’m sure I can speak for Sookie and everyone else when I say we want it to be as close to the real things as possible.

Isis: Well, you guys do it really well! Do you feel like you follow the books or the show more?

BillCompton_TB: Hmm. So far it’s been a good mix of the two but I believe as the Twittersodes progress that they will lean more toward the show.

Isis: Have you had any weird experiences role playing as Bill? Do fans think you’re the Bill Compton we see on True Blood?

BillCompton_TB: You know, I think a time or two I’ve spoken to people who might have had that thought, it was very flattering actually. As far as weird experiences, not weird in a bad way. I’m thrilled to have the fans, and people have been so nice.

Isis: So nothing like Sookie, with the picture and autograph requests?

BillCompton_TB: I DID have an autograph request! My only answer was “I’m sure we can figure out something.”

Isis: How did that person respond?

BillCompton_TB: I’m not sure that they’ve responded yet; I really would have loved to have sent an autographed picture, however it probably would not have been what they were looking for. They would have received it and said “Who the h*ll is this?”

Isis: True, but it would have been amusing!

BillCompton_TB: I know, I would so love to see their face when they opened the envelope.

Isis: Yes, but back on topic… If you could be anyone else in this group, who would it be and why?

BillCompton_TB: Eric of course. He’s truly a dynamic character. I’ve actually played him before on a story board but once meeting @SheriffNorthman, I no longer wanted to. He truly has captured the essence of the thousand year old viking in my opinion.

Isis: Have you been other characters for True Blood before?

BillCompton_TB: Yes… I began my True Blood career as Lafayette of all people. I’ve also played Sam.

Isis: Wow! Both of them are great characters too!

BillCompton_TB: Both are awesome characters! I had a blast but I had never tried my hand at someone so… vibrant… as Lafayette.

Isis: What was playing Lafayette like? Was he at all similar to playing Bill for you?

BillCompton_TB: Believe it or not, the ease of playing him was similar to the ease of playing Bill but that’s where the comparisons end. Playing Lafayette is a blast. I actually work with a girl who reminds me a lot of him so I was decent with the accent.

Isis: Sounds fun, but now that we’ve discussed Lafayette, what’s the most challenging part of being Bill? After all, you ARE Bill now!

BillCompton_TB: Probably making him so good all of the time. I’m not used to playing the good guys. He also gets a lot of flack from the other Vampires of Area 5. “Wet Blanket” no longer affects him. Eric can be ruthless in his pursuit of Sookie and her talents.

Isis: I think we’ve ALL noticed that, but what do you mean you’re not used to playing good guys?

BillCompton_TB: Before Bill, most of my characters have been bad boys. I currently play another Vampire of Area 5 with a pretty nasty reputation.

Isis: *eyebrow arches* Do tell me more. *grinning*

BillCompton_TB: Well, I also play the Deputy to @SheriffNorthman, @RomanLucious. It’s sometimes strange to try to undermine Bill when I am Bill.

Isis: I’m sure. Any particular exploits that you’re proud of?

BillCompton_TB: You mean as Roman or as Bill?

Isis: As both.

BillCompton_TB: Well. As Bill, I am proud to have survived a recent encounter with the Magister. As Roman, I once saved the life of Dracula… who wants me dead. But that’s a very long story for another time.

Isis: But now you’ve got me really curious!

BillCompton_TB: Well, around five hundred years ago, Roman served Dracula but actually ended up fleeing with Dracula‘s wife to save her life. The dark Prince really holds a grudge.

Isis: I’m sure he does.

BillCompton_TB: Absolutely. If you ever see @DraculaYTM lurking about. Run.

Isis: Good advice. Thanks. I’ll happily take it, as I’m sure other fans will.  So far, in True Blood, has anything happened that really inspired your role playing?

BillCompton_TB: Actually the support of the other players has really inspired me. I have a lot of talent to live up to. As far as in roleplay, it’s been challenging to raise a newborn vampire. Jessica has really tried Bill‘s patience, and then most recently, Lorena has been assigned by the Magister to stay with Jessica and Bill. The greater the challenge the better inspired I become… and boy, what a challenge!

Isis: I’m sure! Do you stay up to date with the spoilers coming out about Season 3 of True Blood?  Do they affect your portrayal of Bill at all?

BillCompton_TB: I’ve tried to keep up and am very anxious for the season to start… it hasn’t affected my portrayal yet, but I’m sure as more clues are out, I’ll adjust.

Isis: What do you feel the next step for Bill is?

BillCompton_TB: -grins-  marriage?

Isis: Well, I’d certainly hope so!

BillCompton_TB: I have it under good authority that a certain waitress might indeed say yes. *Shhh*

Isis: That’s wonderful, and I certainly hope that she gives it a go! You two do make a beautiful couple! Have you decided on the where and how of the proposal?

BillCompton_TB: Well… dinner?  Dancing maybe… Somewhere quiet. I’m certain if you keep up with the Twittersodes you won’t be disappointed.

Isis: Yes… you’ve been unliving in sin for far too long! Hopefully Sookie says yes. Anything else you want to tell‘s readers?

BillCompton_TB: Just to keep watching, we really appreciate the viewers and that I absolutely LOVE! You guys are awesome!

Isis: Thanks! We really do appreciate hearing that!

For those of you interested in checking out the role playing (which I highly recommend because this group is so good), you can find a list of the current group of role players on their website,, which can be found under the Character navigation link. It is worth it to check them out!