True Blood News Round-Up For The Week: Just Before Season 2 Begins

June 12, 2009 by  

It has been an extremely busy week with what seems to be almost every single news media site writing up about the return of season 2 of Alan Ball‘s highly successful HBO TV vampire series True Blood or conducting interviews with the various cast members.  Since it would be impossible to write up every single news report that comes out we are going to present on a weekly basis our “True Blood News Round-Up For The Week.”  This week’s “True Blood News Round-Up” focuses on the return of season 2 on Sunday, June 14, 2009 at 9PM/ET on HBO.


Evan Rachel Wood just got her fangs for her new role in True Blood

Carrie Preston: ‘True Blood’ Gets Really Chaotic This Season

If Ashley Jones joined True Blood as a waitress, why’d she taste blood?

Anna Paquin:  The One Time Wunderkind Has Turned In A Real Vamp.

True Blood Interview With Deborah Ann Woll

Deborah Ann Woll: ‘Bill Will Get Everything He Deserves. Promise!’

Variety:  Anna Paquin

Variety: Stephen Moyer True Blood’s Rutina Wesley Spills On Season Two

Ryan Kwanten: True Blood Stud: Why I Always Take My Clothes Off

William Sanderson Keeps the Peace on “True Blood”

True Blood’s Anna Paquin Leads the Blood Drive

‘True Blood’ Star Michelle Forbes: ‘Buckle Up and Get A Helmet!’

Forbes:  In Pictures: The Year’s 10 Fastest-Rising Stars – Anna Paquin- #7

Anna Paquin: True Blood and Twilight Not the Same

Evan Rachel Wood is perfect to play 400-year-old vampire queen

True Blood returns with more bite

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Bloody good times in Bon Temps

Bella no match for Sookie at vampire love

Sink your fangs into new season of ‘True Blood’

TV review: Vampire soap opera bloody good True Blood

The Globe and Mail:   Behind True Blood, a fight for vampire rights

Time to tap into HBO’s ‘True Blood’

‘True Blood’ goes off in more interesting veins in Season 2

Are we human, or are we vampires?

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