True Blood Gets Nominated for Emmys

July 8, 2010 by  

True Blood got some serious Emmy love this year! Unfortunately, Anna Paquin was not nominated this year (even though she should have been), but instead, True Blood was nominated for Best Drama Series! Here is its competition:


True Blood -HBO

Breaking Bad · AMC
Dexter · Showtime
The Good Wife · CBS
Lost · ABC
Mad Men · AMC

True Blood was also nominated for:

Outstanding Art Direction For a Single-Camera Series

True BloodNever Let Me Go I Will Rise
FrenzyHBOYour Face Goes Here
Entertainment in association with

Suzuki Ingerslev, Production Designer
Cat Smith, Art Director
Laura Richarz, Set Decorator

Outstanding Casting for a Drama Series

True BloodHBOYour Face Goes Here
Entertainment in association with

Junie Lowry Johnson, CSA, Casting Director
Libby Goldstein, Casting Director

Outstanding Prosthetic Makeup for a Series, Miniseries, Movie or a Special

True Blood • Scratches • HBO • Your Face
Goes Here Entertainment in association with
HBO Entertainment
Brigette Ellis, Department Head Makeup Artist
Ned Neidhardt, Special Makeup Effects Artist
Bernhard Eichholz, Special Makeup Effects Artist
Anthony Barlow, Special Makeup Effects Artist
Sam Polin, Special Makeup Effects Artist
Danielle Noe, Special Makeup Effects Artist
Todd Masters, Prosthetic Designer, Special
Makeup Effects Artist,
Dan Rebert, Prosthetic Designer

Outstanding Sound Editing for a Series

True Blood • Beyond Here Lies Nothin’
HBO • Your Face Goes Here Entertainment in
association with
HBO Entertainment
John Benson, Supervising Sound Editor
Jason Krane, Dialogue/ADR Editor
Stuart Martin, Sound Effects Editor
Brian Thomas Nist, MPSE, Sound Effects Editor
Bruno Coon, Music Editor
Zane Bruce, Foley Artist
Jeff Gunn, Foley Artist

Best of luck to True Blood at this year’s Emmys! We’re all rooting for True Blood to win the categories it’s nominated in! Make sure to tune in to the Emmys on August 29th at 8:00pm EDT / 5:00pm PDT on the NBC network to support True Blood!


(Image Credit: HBO Inc.)

  • pbt

    Congratulations to all associated with True Blood! 🙂

  • Nia

    Yes it is about time that this amazing and innovative show get the recognition it deserves.

    The powers that be concerning the Emmys have finally seen the light or heard our loud voices, hopefully both.
    These few nominations I hope are only the beginning. We have now broken through the “Emmy Genre Ice” so to speak and have breathed in to them a puff of fresh air and new blood!!

    Although I am so chuffed for the nominations we have, I would still have loved recognition for the actors as well who perform above and beyond to bring us this incredible show. But perhaps one step at a time.

    Congratulations to Alan Ball, the cast and crew and of course HBO!

    Thank you Isis for bringing us the great news.

    Team True Blood!

    • Loleaf

      Hey Nia **waving**.. Now that True Blood has their foot in the door, it is time to kick it open!! LOL!

      • Nia

        **Waving** back to Loleaf….how the heck are ya??

        I have my kicking boots on and raring to go………

  • Loleaf

    These Amazing actors deserve the recognition for their commentment to this wonderful show!!! More people are becoming aware of the show, and the brow raising edge of your seat excitement that the AB and crew give is every week!! Congrats and we all have our fingers crossed!!!

    • val

      Yah-toes,eyes and fingers! I suppose it would be difficult to get everyone in who does a GREAT job-Anna is only part of the team! But we have come a long way baby,as they say, and maybe NEXT year we can see some people getting the nod as well! After all seeing the same ole’ folks year after year gets boring-lets get some new BLOOD into the mix. They sure have worked HARD for it!!

      • Loleaf

        Amen val!!! Oh! and we forgot “crossed legs”…that’s when True Blood is on and we don’t want to go to the bathroom, afraid we will miss something! LOL!! 😉

      • LOL, Val, the reason I mentioned Anna specifically is because she’s been nominated for awards as Sookie before, and TV Guide Magazine, in their section guessing who would be nominated for Emmys, had Anna as one of their choices.

  • lizzie1701

    About time! Hopefully it will win, but I am sure there will be a win next year for S3, due to great acting and storyline, but reckon Stephen Moyer will get the nod next year as he is spectacular these past 3 episodes!

    • Nia

      Amen sister!

  • jaxx

    Yay and congratulations TB!!! Hope you win them all. Finally, recognition. That’s all we ask for (oh, and also the Emmy)!!

    Go TB!!

  • Emily

    Nelsan Ellis deserves all the recognition – he is amazingg!!

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  • val

    Yaaaaaaa Trueblood-we are moving SLOWLY but surely into psuedo-mainstream.I’m sorry Anna did’nt get the nod-but maybe NEXT year they will admit that the acting is SO good from so many of the actors and SO many of us are pushing for their recognition,that they will have to bow down to the masses.
    In the meantime though,I am sure many of us are thrilled it got this far!!! Keep up the good work everyone-we are all cheering for ya!!!