True Blood Nominated For The Tubey Awards

June 19, 2009 by  

bill-and-sookie-season-2-true-blood-posterTelevision Without Pity‘s Tubey Awards are here again and this year True Blood is nominated in several categories as well as several of the cast members.  The winners of the awards are based on votes cast by the general public, therefore you are encouraged to go and vote for True Blood and show everyone what a fangtastic show (bad joke) True Blood is and why it is one of HBO‘s most successful shows.  On July 6, the last round of Tubey polls will start rolling out and updated each week throughout August until the winners will be announced. This year True Blood has been nominated for the following categories:

Best New Show

Underrated Show

Guiltiest Pleasure Award

Favorite Actor- Alexander Skarsgard

Best Family Relationship – Sookie & Jason or Sookie & Gran

To cast your vote head over to

SOURCE: Television Without Pity

(Photo credit:  HBO Inc.)