True Blood Nominated for 8 SFX Sci-Fi Awards

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True Blood Earns 8 Nominations in 6 Categories at SFX Awards

SFX Awards LogoTrue Blood has been nominated for 8 awards in 6 categories for the SFX Sci-Fi Awards to be held in the United Kingdom in February 2011.  Voting is open from September 22, 2010 to December 14, 2010 and by voting you could win tickets to see the awards live, along with other prizes.  Only 10 of the awards will be announced at the live show, with the others appearing in issue 206 of the SFX Sci-Fi Magazine in February 2011.

True Blood has been nominated for the following awards:

Best TV Show
Best TV Episode – “Everything Is Broken”
Sexiest Male – Alexander Skarsgard 
Sexiest Male – Nelsan Ellis 
Sexiest Female – Deborah Ann Woll 
Sexiest Female – Michelle Forbes 
Best Villain – Marianne
Best Line of Dialogue – Lorena threatening to “wear your ribcage as a hat”

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  • Katra

    I find it INCREDIBLY offensive that the STARS of True Blood, Anna Paquin and Stephen Moyer, were NOT available for me to vote for. Sorry Alex, sorry Deborah, I wrote them in instead.

    • lizzie1701

      Same here Katra. A lot of my friends are doing the same. Eric/Alex just does not do it for me.

  • D.Reilly

    SOOOO GLAD to see ALEXANDER “nominated” and voted for…as he is not given ‘enough’ time on screen…and they’re ‘messin’ with his ‘character’ !! aka “ERIC”.In season 4 want to see STRONG , ROMANTIC, VIKING !!! with SOOKIE…”hero”..for a change,,with or without “amnesia”..”ERIC” IS THE MAN !!!

    • Katra

      Well, it’s like this, D.Reilly:

      The LEAD CHARACTERS of the show are Bill and Sookie. Alan Ball has said more than once that True Blood is about them and their love story.

      Also, do you know the history of Vikings and why they were so feared in their time? Eric is just like the people of his human lifetime, only caring about himself over anyone else, valuing REVENGE and RETRIBUTION above anything else. That’s NOT romantic, and IMHO, he’s utterly irredeemable at this point in time.

      Also, HOW could Sookie date a man who CHAINED HER IN A DUNGEON?!?!? That action alone shows that Eric thinks of her as lower than himself, and far less than human. It’s a totally dehumanizing action.

      • lizzie1701

        Agree with all you have written, Katra. It will be interesting to see how AB plays this out in S4. IMO, amnesia Eric? Cheesey!

  • Suzy G

    Congratulations to all the nominees! Go Alex!

  • Leanne

    WHAT?! No love for S. Moyer?

    • lizzie1701

      I think that was a a bit rude of this magazine. I, and many others, have voted for Stephen by writing his name in the space provided. Shows the lack of class for this mag, which I have bought before and will not buy again.

  • val

    Well I will be voting !!Congrats again to all the actors and writers and of course-TRUEBLOOD RULES!!!