True Blood Nominated for Tater Top Awards

July 9, 2010 by  

What’s better than a potato? A Golden One! E!Online is hosting its annual Tater Top Awards chosen by the fans or better known as the ultimate couch potatoes. Official voting began June 28 and E! has compiled a final list of nominees.

The Tater Top Awards bypass Emmys, and the Golden Globes, giving trophies to the shows and stars the fans adore. Winners receive an actual trophy and better, the realization that so many fans appreciate and love their work. However, it’s also a place where the fans can gripe and moan about things that they don’t appreciate too much on television.

True Blood has been nominated for a few Tater Top Awards and if they haven’t already, Truebies have to start voting in order for their favorite vampires and telepath to win. The first award that True Blood has been nominated for is under the category The Best Bitches and Baddies. The one vying for this award is none other than viking vampire Eric Northman, and maenad Maryann.

Villains are great and all, but it’s the sexy and sweet moments only the perfect couple can bring to television sets all over the world. The aww and eww moments between two soulmates are what fans wait for all week long. However, what happens when a fan gets tired of a romance, specifically a love triangle? True Blood has been nominated for Love Triangle We’re So Over, featuring Bill, Sookie, and Eric. Perhaps if True Blood wins this award, Sookie will finally pick one vampire.

Finally, what’s better than a great villains and great romance? Fists and Kisses! The Tater Top Awards acknowledge the Best Smackdowns and Smooches on television. Nominated for the Best Smackdown is True Blood’s very own Jason with the help of his enemies, the Newlins.

Winners will be announced July 20. Fans still have time to vote. Go to to  vote and to see the official list of categories and nominees. Come on Truebies, let’s sink our teeth into the competition and bring a couple of golden taters to Bon Temps!


(Photo Credit: HBO Inc.)