True Blood Nominated for Teen Choice Awards

June 16, 2010 by  

True Blood has been nominated in two categories for the Teen Choice Awards which will broadcast on the FOX Network on Monday, August 9, 2010 at 8:00pm EDT / 7:00pm CDT. Anna Paquin has been nominated for Choice TV Actress: Fantasy/Sci-Fi while co-star Ryan Kwanten has been nominated for Choice TV Actor:  Fantasy/Sci/Fi.

Starting today, fans ages 13-19 can vote once each day for their favorite Teen Choice 2010 nominees at Performers, presenters and additional nominees will be announced soon.

Choice TV Actor: Fantasy/Sci-Fi

Josh Holloway, “Lost”

Joshua Jackson, “Fringe”

Ryan Kwanten, “True Blood”

Tom Welling, “Smallville”

Paul Wesley, “The Vampire Diaries”

Choice TV Actress: Fantasy/Sci-Fi

Nina Dobrev, “The Vampire Diaries”

Evangeline Lilly, “Lost”

Hayden Panettiere, “Heroes”

Anna Paquin, “True Blood”

Anna Torv, “Fringe”


(Photo credit: HBO Inc.)

  • Amber

    I think people should relax. I started watching this show when I was 15 and there is nothing wrong with that. Kids are going to see this kind of stuff at some point anyway, whether it be on television or online because they’re curious. True Blood is not that bad compared to other shows on Showtime and Starz. I’m glad it was nominated and hope it wins.

  • Milissa Stormer

    Opps… I meant teens 13 not 12~~

  • Milissa Stormer

    I am so right there with you on that one. Give True Blood all the awards for anything as far as I’m concerned but for teens age 12-19. It is too mature a show for a 13 year old to even know about….certainly not one I’d feel comfortable sitting down to watch with my daughter even if she was 19! It makes no sense to me how did it get nominated???

  • Jennifer

    Ok, am I the only one who thinks that its a little weird for True Blood to be nominated for anything at the Teen Choice Awards? Don’t get me wrong, I love True Blood and all the actors in it, but True Blood is a little mature for 13-19 year olds right?

    • You’re definitely not the only one. But I disagree on the older teen part… I was 19 when it first came on and I started watching then. However, when it comes to this awards show, I’ve heard from people who work behind the scenes on it that only the youngest teens vote on it, and the typical oldest voter for this stuff is 16. What worries me is that the YOUNGEST of the teens are watching True Blood!