True Blood is One of the Things to Look Forward to in 2010

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It feels like it has been ages since the season two of True Blood ended. Fans are eagerly awaiting the start of season three, especially with hints about what to expect trickling out. A new year on board means a bunch of new shows and movies to look forward to. Surely everybody has noticed the surge in vampire love as some shows and movies have come and gone, but the love for True Blood is as deep as ever. Recently wrote about what to look forward to in 2010 and it’s no surprise that Stephen Moyer from True Blood was listed.

The Web site mentions that the end of the ’00s belonged to sparkly vampires, but 2010 takes the creatures back to their bloody roots. Daybreakers is one of the films anticipated this year as it stars Ethan Hawke, who plays a vampire scientist. That is set to release earlier in 2010, but what True Blood fans are looking forward to is later in the year.

Stephen Moyer and Cam Gigandet from Twilight will team up with Paul Bettany, who plays a warrior monk. Their film, Priest, will be out this summer and is loosely based on the Korean comic about a shotgun-toting, vampire-hunting clergyman. The cast also includes Karl Urban. 2010 has a long list of new and remade horror flicks but the one to look for is Priest that has True Blood’s very own Stephen Moyer playing Aaron.


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  • Nia

    Hi Antonio,
    Its been a while, I hope you are well!
    I did not know that “Eclipse” was due out this June!! I saw “New Moon” with my daughter and she truly enjoyed it. I will look forward to your opinion of the movie, and since I have never read the series, also how you felt it compared to the books.

    Wow, the premire of the 3rd season of “True Blood” and “Eclipse” all coming out in the same month…..The season of the vampire is still going strong and still has its fangs deep into our fancy!!!!!!

    Team True Blood!

  • Antonio

    The new season of TB is 1 of the things to look forward to in this new year! I’m also looking forward to seeing the new Twilight film,Eclipse which will hit movie theaters at the end of June! I can hardly wait to see how they film this! Eclipse is perhaps my Favorite of the series! There is just So much going on! So much danger,action,suspense and of course romance.
    This certainly will be the summer of the vampires! I wonder if the cast of Twilight and the cast members of TB have ever been on stage at the same time? I wonder if they’ve ever met?
    I think it would be cool if some1 could get an interview of Rob & Kristin and Steph & Anna on the same set at once! Then the interviewer could ask them what they think of their respective vampire shows! 🙂

  • Nia

    Hello Karen,

    Thank you for the lovely article!
    It has seemed like ages since our favorite obsession ended its 2nd season. Although we are only halfway through this long hiatus, our enthusiasm and anticipation has only increased. Thanks to those, like you, who keep us informed and “chuffed” with all the latest news, tidbits, and spoilers, we will hopefully pass the time without losing our minds!!!! LOL

    I am so looking forward to the return of True Blood and especially our resident life challenged, oh so handsome, sweet southern vampire lover…Bill Compton. Played so amazingly well by the incomparable Stephen Moyer.
    I look forward with great anticipation, to Stephens return as Bill Compton, as well as to all of Stephens other projects. “Priest” sounds like it will be a hit. I Cannot wait!

    In my minds eye True Blood is so much more than just a story about vampires (although vampire Bill Compton has definitely stolen our hearts!!). The supernatural issue is secondary to the social and political parallels to todays culture. But oh, and the wonderful fantasy, that has been created around this, for our pleasure as well.

    True Blood cannot return fast enough, along with my personal favorite Bill Compton/Stephen Moyer, as well as the rest of the amazing cast and the continuation of this wonderful story that has us captivated!

    For ever and always,
    Team True Blood!

    • Mary Alves

      You guys dont know what this show has done to me…it has saved my life. I was going through the death of my father, and moving back with my xboyfriend. We got back together, but I knew there was a reason why we broke up. Living with him was a living hell, but with no job..and no place to live, what choice did I have. Then TRUE BLOOD…every sunday I was looking forward watching the show… the time weeks went by, I was slowing coming out of my shell. Here in Oklahoma things went bad for me again, but I have you guys. And trust me I dont watch scary movies…oh hell no.. I’m the one always covering my eye’s. But thank you.. this is no joke, you have kept me alive. Funny huh, a vamp show, just a hr of you guys and I forgot about my problems.

      Thank you,
      Mary Alves
      Oklahoma City, OK

      • Antonio

        Thank you for sharing your story with us. Its always encouraging to hear how this program inspires people and gives them hope. This show has helped me,as well. It has helped me to look at life in a different way More positive,More hopeful.
        I can relate. Both Twilight and True Blood have helped me to believe in life and love again. I think that both put forth a powerful message of acceptance,forgiveness and love for oneself and for others. Its great to hear things like this! 🙂

      • jaxx

        Mary, you are definitely not alone. This show has helped a lot of us through personal tragedies. Like you, TB helped me through the death of my mother, so I know where you are coming from in that respect. You see things from a different point of view in this show. I don’t know why, but it has healing qualities.

        Hang in there Mary, you have a lot of friends here that understand where you are coming from. 🙂

      • Nia

        Hello Mary!
        I have been posting for quite a while and on many True Blood sites and one thing I have said many many times is that True Blood has in so many ways…
        “brought me back to life”!!!
        This is not a joke or a passing fancy.
        I have been priviledged to meet many wonderful people from all over the world all coming together because of this show. How incredible is that!!!
        I and so many others can understand how you feel and what you are going through. If being a part of this phenomena in any capacity can make things a bit easier for you then it truly has done its job. Sometimes a little fantasy can make a harsh reality more bearable and even give you the courage to face it stronger and better than ever.
        You have friends here. We all tend to understand each other.
        We have all at some point bared our souls so feel free to vent when needed. I believe that the wonderful moderators and publishers on this site are at times taken aback at the passion we sometimes display.
        As always I am grateful to Alan Ball, HBO, the writers and amazing actors for the joy they give us. I hope they realize how special they are and how they have touched us in so many ways.

        Team True Blood!

        • missyella

          Here, here, Nia, Jaxx, Antonio and isis,

          Mary, welcome to our TB family, yes souls have been bared and heated discussions participated in, so hopefully the hour you are watching TB makes you laugh just a little bit, if only for an hour each week.

          So season 3 is drawing ever nearer and the snippets keep on coming, I see that season 2 is out on DVD in the States now, does anyone know when it will be released in Europe?

          I had to pre-order season one, so may have to do so again.

          • Hi missyella! I’m so happy to see you back here! 🙂 I hope everything is well with you. Yes the anticipation for season 3 is definitely growing. HBO hasn’t released the date for season 2 DVD set but you can pre-order them. Hmmm have you tried amazon to pre-order and see if they will ship to the UK. Oh but in the UK do they use a different DVD system. Have you tried UK amazon, they may have a shipping date for it for the UK?

          • jaxx

            Hi Missyella. I am also glad you’re back. I’ve missed your take on things. I’m going to pre-order myself. Can’t wait for S2 DVD to come in.

        • Reza in StL

          Mary, I’m a female writer living with chronic pain and consequently, I have very little energy to do the things I used to enjoy. I feel exactly the same way you do about the show having brought me back to life. It’s even made me wish I’d followed my adolescent dream of moving back to LA (where I was born) and trying to get work acting and screenwriting so that I might be able to work on True Blood. It’s been a remarkably fulfilling little “hobby.”
          Thank you for your comments so I thought to share my experience!

          • Hi Reza,

            Thank you so much for sharing with us your feelings as well. As many of have seen with the various comments on the site, True Blood is more then just a TV show. It has been able to touch many people’s lives on so many different levels. I know it is hard to explain how but it has been able to heal so many and help them get back in touch with living. I know it did for me.

      • Hi Mary,

        Thank you for sharing your personal story with us. As I have mentioned on this site before I had had a similar experience as yourself for which at the time of the death of one of my parents True Blood began to air and somehow it actually helped me through that difficult time in my life. There have been others who have shared similar stories so you are not alone. Somehow that one hour a week and the story it has to tell somehow allowed for me personally to see the possibilities out there and hope.

        Once again thank you for sharing with us and I truly hope that you find comfort and hope. 🙂

        • missyella

          Thank you Ollie Chong aka AdoreBill,

          Yes it is good to be back, as I said t Jaxx in another posting I have been keeping up to date with all the goings on, castings etc and TB fan postings.

          Roll on season 3.

  • jaxx

    I am also very much looking forward to Season 3. I think it will be a good one. So many new and old characters in the mix. Can’t wait to see how they all intertwine.

  • I’m so looking forward to Season 3 and whatever panel Priest has at Comic-Con!