True Blood PaleyFest’09: Stephen Moyer, Alexander Skarsgard and the True Blood Cast Videos

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paleyfestsmThe cast of True Blood attended the PaleyFest’09 on Monday, April 13, 2009 at the Arclight Hollywood Cinerama Dome for a panel discussion and Q & A period with fans. Alan Ball and the rest of the cast discussed the show, their roles and gave fans little tidbits of what we can expect to see on the screen when True Blood returns on HBO for season 2 on Sunday, June 14, 2009. Here are a series of videos from the panel discussion, but please remember these are very amateur videos and may seem jumpy at times.

  • Gerald

    I think Eric should have the long hair. So I also thought that it would not grow back if he changed it. However i agree that the long hair represents being lived through a millenium and standing as the oldest thing around. Me too, used to be a bill compton fan, till the end of the first season, then after reading all the books, even when i got to the begining of the third book,I shifted into a eric northman fan. Now,I am part of team Northman./

  • Want Skarsgard as Thor? Vote Skarsgard for Asgard here:

  • Carolyn

    After reading all of the books after Season 1 ended, I transformed from a Bill fan to an Eric fan. I agree with Debra and Nia about Eric’s long hair. Long Viking hair visually gives Eric the credentials and wisdom for living 1000 years including emotional, political, economic issues. Can you imagine how much change one would endure or embrace in a millenium? Underneath Eric is steadfast, loyal, fun loving, protective, and of course very savy.
    I enjoy all of the videos and photos posted. I bet if you surveyed the ages of True Blood’s audience there would be a big surprise. There are so many life issues embedded in the plots. The actors, books and show are all so interesting and full of life.

  • Debra

    I am so happy the videos are posted, its refreshing to see the actors out look on the show and how they are as themselves. One thing I don’t understand is why in the world did Alexander cut his hair! I am personally a Bill lover, but if Alexander is playing a Viking, shouldn’t he have the sexy Viking hair, I hope they spring for extensions lol. You guys who set up this site are doing a fantastic job, keep up the good work:).

    • Nia

      I am right there with you Debra. I am a Bill lover through and through, but if you want to talk Eric the Viking, he definitely should stick with the long hair. He would have had long hair back when he was made vampire. They should not change it.
      By the way, just FYI there is a cute photo I just came across in the April 27th issue of US magazine of Anna and Stephen having some fun in the sun and exercising. Anna looks a little strained and Stephen is in the backgraound smiling. They look happy and just having some fun. Good for you two. You know what they say, all work and no play…………..

  • Rebecca

    Thank you so much for posting this! I was so upset that i didn’t get to see this.Hopefully the true blood cast will be at this summers comic-con here in san diego!I’m dying to meet them especially Alexander!!!

  • Nia

    Thank you to all who submitted videos and comments on Paleyfest. It was as close as I was ever going to be to the true blood cast. Special thanks to TrueBlood2009 and AdoreBill, for the great videos inside and outside the Cinerama. The boys seemed so wonderful and accomodating to the fans. That means so much and shows true character. Makes all of us fans love them more. Hats off to you True Blood stars.

    • Thank you Nia. I agree with you that the cast of True Blood are such wonderful people and so friendly and nice to fans that it makes you love them even more and protect them too if the tabloids try to say anything nasty or invade their privacy too much.

      • Nia

        Its funny you should say that “AdoreBill” about protecting the cast from nasty tabloids etc.. I feel the same way, protective. Some of us feel the need to protect them, in any way we can, because they have earned our love and admiration for what they do. They bring us so much joy. I hope they somehow know this and never forget us “little people”, when we occasionaly bother them for autographs and such. So far, what I have seen, it seems the newfound “celebrity” has not gone to their heads. Love you True Blood cast!!!!!!

  • Jimbo

    Question about Paleyfest event…did the cast hang out afterward to visit with fans in the audience? Where would have best place been to say hello? Thanks Jim

    • Dear Jim:
      Yes after the event the cast came to the edge of the stage and off the stage to sign autographs and take pictures with the fans. Also there is a video on our site:
      where fans had a chance outside the Cinerama to get autographs and photos with them. All the cast members were very nice and enjoyed meeting the fans. Best place to have said hello, right down front but then everyone was trying to get there.

  • Thanks so much for posting these. I can’t ever find anything on any of these actors with True Blood. I really appreciate it.

  • TrueBlood2009

    Just want to say Thank you to for publishing these videos. It almost feels like you are there. Even if some of it isn’t audible and you couldn’t see who was talking, I hung on every word. Great to see all these members of the cast and hear how they feel about the show. Looks like they are as excited as the fans to be there and do what they love and they all seem to love doing this show.

    • Thank you TrueBlood2009. You are so right that even though a lot of us could not attend, these videos gave us a glimpse into the personality of the cast members and really made us appreciate them both as actors doing a fantastic job on the show as well as wonderful people who truly each enjoy working with each other and on the show.