True Blood PaleyFest’09: Stephen Moyer Talks About True Blood in U.K.

April 16, 2009 by  

True Blood At PaleyfestStephen Moyer attended with fellow cast members of True Blood the PaleyFest’09 on Monday, April 13, 2009 held at the Arclight Hollywood Cinerama Dome. Stephen was asked how he feels Brits will respond to the show once it premieres later this year on Channel 4. He stated that he hopes that fellow Brits will love his show True Blood. “I hope the show goes down as well in London as it does here.”

Stephen’s co-star Nelsan Ellis who plays Lafayette, the gay short-order cook at Merlotte’s bar, said he thought Brits would love the first season. Nelsan stated that he has lived in England previously and that:

“I think they’re gonna love it because having lived in England, they’re not as conservative as Americans are when it comes to that type of stuff, so I think it’s gonna be a hit over there. It’s very racy and my experience over there, they don’t care about racy.”

Alan Ball commented on how he feels Brits will respond,

“the British viewers have a series that is really, really fun and entertaining and really romantic and sexy and violent and funny and dramatic. It us just a fun, fun ride to take. Some people are gonna find it racy – they’re not really the audience for the show. Most people seem to like it.”

True Blood is based upon Charlaine HarrisSookie Stackhouse novels about a Louisiana town where humans and vampires co-exist. Stephen Moyer plays the lead as a 173-year old vampire, Bill Compton, who returns to his hometown and develops a relationship with a telepathic bar waitress, Sookie Stackhouse played by Anna Paquin.


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