True Blood: A Personal View Of The Book vs. TV Show

August 18, 2009 by  

bill-and-sookie-love-togetherSeveral years ago, a blessed event took place which would forever change the life of Charlaine Harris: the conception of Sookie Stackhouse and the residents of Bon Temps, LA. Harris gave birth to a dozen happy healthy babies, which she nurtured as they grew. As a family, she guided them wisely. Harris had a vision of greatness for her children, each as different in mind and spirit as they were in looks. As with any good mother, she wanted her children to prosper beyond the confines of her home. Her love, vision and aspiration for them was so great that she made the ultimate sacrifice: after long and hard consideration, she chose an open adoption for her offspring.

Father figure Alan Ball also saw great potential in Harris’ children. Their adoptive father, he promised to love and honor the spirit their mother had instilled in them, while carrying each far beyond Harris’ loving arms. Yes, names and lives were changed, but only to bring this happy and healthy dozen through a new chapter in their lives. Ball, recognizing that each was different, knew they must ultimately take different paths to greatness. Ball was determined to allow each to spread their wings and fly. Some would fly to other nests, some would stay close to home, but all would be free to choose.

Many of their extended birth family do not agree with the new directions Ball has provided for his charges. They feel the dozen should be kept as a unit, unchanged, enrolled in their old alma mater, keeping to their family values and customs. However, with Harris’ blessing, Ball has sent each of them off to their own schools, hoping that each will find their perfect path of destiny.

Being an open adoption, Charlaine Harris visits her babies regularly. Ball consults with her on their life choices. Both are proud of the lives their children are building. They are confident that each of this happy dozen will find their own future, prosper and bring happiness to not only their extended birth family, but to millions more who gladly watch them grow and evolve.

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  • Pandora

    I totally agree with cgpunker and BLF and couldn’t have said it better myself. Especially the part about having more than 12 episodes! I have also read the books and I watch every episode twice. And I have already pre-ordered the Season 2 DVD set. Yup, I’m hooked by both mediums. Many thanks to for allowing us to express how we feel about the series.

  • lemor davidovici

    true blood is sooo much better to watch than to read the true blood books because when you see it live it’s like your actually there in person when you read the true blood books there is no action or adventure.

  • BLF

    I also love the books and the show equally and as seperate entities as they are seperate mediums.

    The differences between the books and show keep me glued to the set and constantly rereading the books so i dont confuse the story lines :)… ok watching the show has been mezmorizing with all of the twists of plot and seeing beloved characters fleshed out.

    With the books we all had our own vission of the manerisms, looks, and voice of the characters. With the show we are seeing someone elses vision on the world of BonTemps.

    My only wish is they expand from the 12 episode season 🙂

    Congrats to all; cast, crew, and the writers!

  • cgpunker

    I for one love both.

    The books are a great fun read and I’ve read all 9 twice.
    I love the show equally – maybe even more. I applaud the work Alan Ball has done to keep the characters I know “true enough” to the book characters while also giving me unbelievably good tv.

    I also applaud the actors who have given such depth already great characters. Without some big changes like Godric as Eric’s maker, Lorena making an early entrance, Jessica – we wouldn’t have this wonderfully layered vampire family dynamics story that’s playing out. Would you give that up? I wouldn’t.

    Oh, and no Lafayette. 🙂