True Blood’s Phenomenal Success

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I am a Twilight fan but I am also a True Blood fanatic. What I like about True Blood is that it is like an adult version of Twilight. Twilight was geared more towards the teenage genre while True Blood has found that balance between Twilight and skinemax.  Rolling Stones seems to agree with me.  The magazine recently did an article on True Blood and how the show has perfected this balance.

The show has become a huge phenomenon, giving HBO its highest ratings since The Sopranos.  More than 5 million fans watched the season 2 finale. Alan Ball had this to say about True Blood’s appeal:

“Women like the romance and men like the sex and violence.  People who wouldn’t normally watch just to see topless women will watch because they want to see a character achieve their dreams.”

Alot of people seem to think that another appealing quality the show has is that a lot of the charcters are just like a lot of everyday people. For example, Sookie is a waitress and her friends are cooks, construction workers and bartenders.  The day to day routines that these characters face are very similar to a lot of everyday people who are fans of the show and can relate on a certain level. The only difference is that the show brings in vampires, werewolves, and shapeshifters as explained by Alan:

“People have a primal need for magic. It’s been ironed out of our lives. Supernatural heroes bring that magic back.”

One of the main differences between Twilight and True Blood is the sexuality.  Sex is seen as forbidden and scary in Twilight while on True Blood it is almost a way of life.  Season 3 has already given us quite a taste of sex and there are no signs of slowing down. Season 3 is giving fans amazing new characters, incredible storylines, and non-stop action, and I for one am enjoying every minute of it!!

SOURCE: Rolling Stone Magazine

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  • jennifer

    team true blood alllll the wayy

  • LoriC

    Comparing Twilight and True Blood is like comparing apples to oranges. The Twilight Saga is one version of vampires, and True Blood is another. I happen to enjoy the less than perfect, and sometimes dirty charm of True Blood.
    I also like Twilight, but it cannot compare to True Blood. And I also enjoy seeing Eric/Alex (preferably unclothed).

    • jennifer

      well.i dont really like twilight.but true blood is the best show ever invented.

  • Antonio el hombre lobo

    Twilight is its own world. The story Is geared More toward teens and tweens. As for sexuality being omitted from TL? Its Not that its “scary” or “forbidden”. Anyone who has read the books knows that Edward makes a difficult choice to not be sexual with Bella because if he “loses control” with her he might actually harm or kill her! He is aware of his own brute strength and is afraid that in a moment of passion might crush her or even kill her…He doesnt trust himself. Plus she has sweet smelling blood which drives him crazy (To Twilight book readers…Recall that scene in the 1st book when Bella passes out hits her head and vomits because she can “smell” the blood? kind of nauseating,huh?) Its Not that Edward isnt attracted to her Its just he doesnt want to hurt her…He wants to protect her,Even if its from himself! Noble I think given that he is a Vampire even though he and his family are “vegetarians” lol 🙂

    Secondly,There is very little need to compare them. I do Not see TB as an “adult version” of TL or walking the line between romance and skin flick! True Blood,As I have said before,Is Much more than just thematic elements of a mature nature!
    The writing is So crisp,provacative and deep…It never ceases to move me and get me thinking! Alan Ball is a Genius,Bless Him!

    There arent Many shows on Tv today that can make you laugh,cry,cringe, feel warmth, empathy and be turned On AND Off All in the space of an Hour!
    I feel that TB is on its way to toppping the Sopranos as maybe its highest rated show ever! (And the Sopranos is a tough act to follow)
    I’m glad for the showw’s success and I’m happy for the cast and crew as well! I like All the new characters They do a Wonderful job!! The Weres are Awesome! Russell and Talbot…priceless!
    I must admit the Jason storyline is getting on my nerves a bit!
    Other than That….Its All Good….I mean Great!!
    This Is a Great show! 1 of my All Time Favorites!!
    Go Team TB!!
    BTW: Twilight has its Own audience so theres No need to compare.
    Do I think True Blood is better? Heck Yeah!!
    PS: I saw Eclipse I thought it was pretty cool,too!

  • val


    • lizzie1701

      Well, I do love the romance between Bill and Sookie – it keeps me interested. However, seeing Bill buck naked and having sex with Sookie does it for me as well, in a big way! I guess we can have a bit of each!

  • jaxx

    Twilight was my “introduction” to the modern day vampires and it definitely has its place in the vamp sagas. Twilight is innocent, more for teens and tweens. TB is more on the adult level, this show is not for children. Although my favorite is TB, both have a place in my heart. 🙂

    • ~ Caitlin

      I also like TB more. The acting in Twilight Saga doesn’t hold a candle to the acting in TB.

  • ~ Caitlin

    I’m a fan of True Blood and Twilight. I don’t see anything wrong with likinng them both. What’s so wonderful about true blood is that it is a mixture of everything. The show has drama, humor, action, and romance. Through flashbacks, the viewer can experience different time periods. Flashbacks strengthen the connection of viewers the have to the characters. This weeks flahback showed a different and vulnerable side of Eric. Also, many of the characters are somewhat mysterious and complex.