True Blood’s Phenomenal Success

July 20, 2010 by  

I am a Twilight fan but I am also a True Blood fanatic. What I like about True Blood is that it is like an adult version of Twilight. Twilight was geared more towards the teenage genre while True Blood has found that balance between Twilight and skinemax.  Rolling Stones seems to agree with me.  The magazine recently did an article on True Blood and how the show has perfected this balance.

The show has become a huge phenomenon, giving HBO its highest ratings since The Sopranos.  More than 5 million fans watched the season 2 finale. Alan Ball had this to say about True Blood’s appeal:

“Women like the romance and men like the sex and violence.  People who wouldn’t normally watch just to see topless women will watch because they want to see a character achieve their dreams.”

Alot of people seem to think that another appealing quality the show has is that a lot of the charcters are just like a lot of everyday people. For example, Sookie is a waitress and her friends are cooks, construction workers and bartenders.  The day to day routines that these characters face are very similar to a lot of everyday people who are fans of the show and can relate on a certain level. The only difference is that the show brings in vampires, werewolves, and shapeshifters as explained by Alan:

“People have a primal need for magic. It’s been ironed out of our lives. Supernatural heroes bring that magic back.”

One of the main differences between Twilight and True Blood is the sexuality.  Sex is seen as forbidden and scary in Twilight while on True Blood it is almost a way of life.  Season 3 has already given us quite a taste of sex and there are no signs of slowing down. Season 3 is giving fans amazing new characters, incredible storylines, and non-stop action, and I for one am enjoying every minute of it!!

SOURCE: Rolling Stone Magazine

(Photo Credit: HBO Inc.)