All About True Blood, Philosophically Speaking

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Mystical hierarchies, gods and goddesses, the blurred line between good and evil … philosophers can have a field day with the happenings in “True Blood.” And apparently, they did. They had so much to talk about, they’re publishing a book about it: True Blood and Philosophy.

Dr. William Irwin has a new addition to his “… and Philosophy” series, a series where he and various authors and editors put together essays extracting philosophical theories from pop culture hits. Past books have included Seinfeld and Philosophy, The Office and Philosophy, and The Matrix and Philosophy. His most recent publication, True Blood and Philosophy, will analyze our favorite folks in Bon Temps. And it’s about so much more than vampires:

“Now True Blood and Philosophy calls on the minds of some of history’s great thinkers to perform some philosophical bloodletting on such topics as Sookie and the metaphysics of mindreading; Maryann and sacrificial religion; werewolves, shapeshifters and personal identity; vampire politics, evil, desire and much more.”

These books tend to be very intellectual and give readers a chance to examine their favorite shows and characters from a whole new perspective. Irwin has a knack for appealing to both sides of the spectrum – “True Blood” fans could brush up on their philosophy and maybe some philosophers will find themselves glamored by “True Blood.”

This book will be released on June 1, 2010, coinciding nicely with the second season DVD release and of course the start of the third season. June can’t come fast enough.

True Blood and Philosophy: We Want to Think Bad Things with You (The Blackwell Philosophy and Pop Culture Series)


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  • ALf

    Love the cover too. I already add it to my Amazon Wish list “)

  • I believe, you are doing in this series of talks, and what I would like to do with my research: to find what is truly universally benevolent and compassionate that emerges from the performance of jazz, and then to help others apply it to all other human situations. I think we both understand the stakes at this moment in history.

  • If I had money, I’d definitely pick this up… 😀

    Since I don’t, however, I’ll steal my BFF’s copy after she finishes reading it once she gets it!

  • Nia

    It surely was inevitable that we would see a book about True Blood and the philosophical views behind it!
    I will definitely be picking this up. Should be an interesting read and would make a great addition to my TB collection!
    And yes Antonio, nice cover picture!!!!!

  • jaxx

    This sounds intersting. I’m be sure to pick this up when it comes out. Even the philosphers are being glamoured by vampires, go figure. lol.

  • Antonio

    What a highly interesting article! I’m sure that the book would be a fascinating read. The funny thing is that these days a lot of things like this are being wriiten and observed by philosophical minds. There was a book published about a year ago Called Twilight and Philosophy. Its apparent that there are spiritual undertones and some wisdom found in BOTH of these series! The Twilight series was a comfort to me and helped me to let go and believe again in the power of love and life as a gift! True Blood has also inspired me particularly with the whole “Vampires” are marginalized concept. The show is about Bigotry,Prejudice,Ignorance,Hate Groups and the right to be who 1 is! This book will show that TB goes much deeper than just a standard vampire-human romance! Its also about love,tolerance and forgiveness ~~~even looking for some kind of redemption and about hope! This Is a Great article! I’m sure the book will be a great read!

    • Antonio

      Not to mention…Love that picture of Stephen & Anna!!

  • lee

    Boy don’t I know it! Between the book coming out in May and the fantastic dvd and new season in June… i just can’t hardly wait! I’ll never understand why HBO tends to do one season a year of there shows, probably because they “can” but it’s torture….i end up barely thinking about it for months b/c i can’t read anything new, i can’t watch anything new, and most of that blank time i can’t even watch the last season! Ugh hbo UGH!