True Blood Promo Video: Depeche Mode’s “Corrupt”

September 8, 2009 by  

sookie-stackhouse-true-blood-videoHere is the official HBO released promo video featuring a montage of clips from season 2, the first promo video that was produced at the beginning of the season and Depeche Mode playing their latest single “Corrupt” from their latest album, Sounds of the Universe. The song and imaginary is quite provocative and heightens everyone anticipation for this Sunday’s season finale of Alan Ball‘s highly successful second season of True Blood.  So sit back and enjoy the promo and get ready to be swept away with the season finale of True Blood this Sunday, September 13, at 9pm EDT on HBO.


  • Ross

    Totally awesome promo! I cant wait for the season finale!! Just bought that song on Itunes too! Sookie can ‘Corrupt’ me!!!!

  • antonio

    I just streamed the video again…Wow! This is Incredibly HOT!!
    The song is cool and the video is very Sexy!! Eggs and Tara,Sookie and Bill and the playful scenes of Maryann girating around Whoa!! Maryanne touching Sam’s face with blood totally cool and Hot!!

  • antonio

    This video is Awesome!! Its just incredible the footage of Eric with blood on his mouth and Sookie and Bill The part with Jason running thru the cemetery at night and then praying feverishly with blood running down his arms…Whoa!! Maryann caressing Sam’s face with blood…Whoa!! So Cool!!! The Maryann are my faves and real cool imagery!! This video is so cool not to mention erotic and fun!!

  • john

    great video , great song , great album by BEST BAND IN THE UNIVERSE

  • boussie87


  • Kay

    I really like the new Bill/Sookie promo footage added. 😛

  • Great song! Sexy…It’s the first time I’ve heard it!? I think I might just buy the album..Cool clips…I’m still waiting for my season 2, to get here!! I think I’ll watch it, again…

  • Aine

    Too much Maryann, not nearly enough Erik or Jessica. But i adore this video only because it has a lot of very handsome Sam and almost no Bill. Tho the song is boring…

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  • chris

    You can vote sookie/bill meeting as one of the top moments of last years tv season.

    And, they get an emmy!

  • HeatherAnne

    Oh MY GOD! This was awesome 🙂 I love how when the singing starts it’s Eric and the lyric is “I could Corrupt you,” *Melt* 🙂

  • val

    What a great song!!@ Their album “Violater” was my fav for years-not enough Eric though in video.

  • BLF

    I started flipping out when i saw it on Sunday during the replays of eps 9, 10, 11(thank goodness its now posted to teh web)

    I also think they snuck in some Season 1 footage.

    Is it Sunday yet? 😛

  • nath

    totally love it! it gave me goosebumps! lol